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Torn RC and Labrum - PRP and IRAP Treatment?


I’ve got an injured right shoulder: torn rotator cuff and torn labrum. Got the MRI back in Feb 17 to confirm it (all from overuse). The tears are not too significant - Drs thought PT could fix it all and that surgery would not be needed. Been in PT since then and continually tapering off workouts until I find myself doing what feels like 90% LESS of what I am used to. The pain has gotten worse (I won’t even talk about the depression!) and I met with 2 different Ortho Drs who recommended PRP and IRAP blood treatment. Mostly what I hear from PTs and Dr’s is “lots of times it helps, but sometimes we still need to go in with surgery”. I don’t want surgery b/c I am concerned it will create more problems later on. Since no insurance covers it, the cost is $5600 (covers 3 treatments of the PRP/IRAP combo) That’s a lot of $$$ to risk in my world. I can’t find a lot of info online about people who have used this combo and what their recovery was like. Any one out there have any advice?


The uncle I talk to most at family gatherings had the Platelet Rich Plasma treatment for his knee. 4 months later, he was really, really pleased with the results.

He is a life long cattle farmer, who also suffered from overuse/abuse. No super tramatic, acute injuries or anything. He’s a farmer, so you know he was careful before he spent his money, and wouldn’t B.S. about the results.

I don’t know specifically if he used the IRAP treatment or not. I’ll ask, but I’ll need to go through a couple relatives. But if it’s good enough for race horses, it’s probably cool.


Thank you for responding! Good to know. I’m edging towards deciding ‘yes’ on this whole thing. Ha, yes I forgot about it being on horses …


kw310, did you decide to have this treatment? If so, it would be interesting to hear your experience.

I am considering PRP for a nagging shoulder injury myself but have a hard time deciding due to mixed results reported from both studies and people who have done them.

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