Torn Quad Rehab

I am a 400m runner and I have got clearance from my doctor that I can start rehabbing my quad.

So far I have been told not to do squats for now. The tear was high near the myotendonous junction, along the rectus femoris.

I wanted to consult you guys before I started, any recommnendations, exercises in particular, and how do you feel about avoiding squats for a while???


Externally loaded squats, probably NOT a good idea.

One question though, if you can’t do squats, how do you go to the bathroom for #2? Or how do you sit to drive your car? See what I’m getting at. We squat everyday.

I just wouldn’t go adding in extra weight.

You might even try some single leg squats (to the point of no pain and under control).

that first line should read “Probably NOT a good idea”