Torn Pec

can anyone help with my rehab for a torn pec. I completly tor my right pec 04/22/07, had surgery 05/22/07, started my own rehab workouts 7/07/07.

I have been training for 3 years hard core. Ive learned a lot of usefull info as a personal trainer in a PT studio, but never had the opertunity to work with this type of injury.
I refuse to go down w/out a fight,

dude good luck with this but you should really get help from a PT

however if you were me I would use the priority principle and train your chest first and use only machines that have isolateral movements. Then move to free weights and dumbbells.


Inthego, Im in the process of obtaining a pecdeck so I can pre-exaust my pecs before doing any type of pressing. I also started pre-exausting my tris before starting chest.

[quote]GIANT DAN wrote:
I also started pre-exausting my tris before starting chest.[/quote]

That is solid dude

Keep us up to date with your rehab

all the best

I’m a little over a year post op on a pec tear myself.

I’m suprised you waited a month for surgery. Generally, you want to get these done asap or else the atrophy significantly impairs the outcome–depends on the exact situation though.

I still haven’t barbell benched, but I have done dumbbell exercises. Mostly floor presses, then at about 10 months post op I started doing them on a bench. Otherwise I’ve tried to ephasize closed chain chest movements more. Blast strap push ups, Power pushup 2 (band resisted push ups, Google it if interested) and dips.

One thing I’ve seen recommended over at Elite FTS is barbell floor presses with chains. Haven’t done it myself, but I recall it being said that this has been used by many guys coming off a pec tear.

Thanks for all the great tips I will implament them all. I would have done the surgery the next day, I was in so much pain I would have done the damn thing my self. F@#ckin insurance took that long to aprove, like who needs two functioning pecs any way. My bet is the insurance adjuster on my case was 5’8 139lbs, or some fat pig who thinks bitch tit looks ok on a man.