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Torn Pec :-(

Yeah, doctor confirmed, partial seperation of the pec minor, 4-6 weeks physical therapy.

welcome to the club…

Am on week 5 of PT for my pec tendon…

Maybe you could discuss what you were doing that lead up to the injury? This might allow others to judge if they are in line for the same type of injury.

Were you going for a personal best? Had you been making very fast gains? Did it happen at your “sticking point” on a particularly grueling lift? Doing any supporting anabolic supplements recently?

Welcome, indeed. I tore mine about three months ago. The road back is a slow one. What will surprise you most- is not how the injury will impact chest work- that’s a given- but how it will affect exercises you do for triceps, back, and shoulders. Those will be impacted as well. Good luck on your rehab.