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Torn Pec


Hello, I tore my pec 2 and a half years ago while benching 365 pounds. After I tore the muscle I went to the hospital that I have medical insurance at they informed me there was nothing they could do since it was just a muscle belly tear, so they just prescribed me some drugs..... Anyway fast forword to today, I hve been pretty depressed about the situation and I still havnt recovered fully. I have extreme tightness in my pec still.

I started working out again, last week. Started benching again, still feels really tight. Like its going to rip in half, even though it already looks like I have half a pec. Good fun. I have been researching the internet for two years looking for a solution to my problem and there is a substantial lack of information regarding torn pecs. It is a royal pain trying to figure this out, I figured I would post on a forum to see if there was anyone who had any light on the subject. This is one of the best places to go so I came here. Does anyone have any advice? I am willing to try anything. By the way I can still bench 225 for 3 reps, but thats as much as I can push myself without serious pain. I feel like I could do dumbell bench press with a 150 dumbell on my left side and a 50 pound dumbell on my right side. Its pretty rediculous, im sure you get the point. Thank you for your help, I greatly appreciate it.



What would you call a solution? Once a muscle belly tears it will never look like before.
If you consider being able to train consistently again the solution, with a determined effort, that can be done. You should not have waited 30 months to resume your training. I know how shit like that can mess with your head, but if you are going to make it back, you are going to need all the mental toughness you can muster. You need to 'force' yourself to return to the bottom rung of the ladder. If that means the 30lb D.Bells so be it. Extra warm-up and ROM work. Run a complete/balanced routine. Keep your working reps above 8. The goal is not size or strength at this point, it's rehabilitation.

It may take up to a year like this to 'regain your footing'. You are probably always going to have some discomfort during direct chest training. You are going to need something to feel good about in the short run. I suggest you focus on your conditioning...it is unlikely the pec. will have an affect on running, sprinting, hiking, elliptical, stairmaster, etc. It's going to be a painful, frustrating, embarrassing journey and you are going to discover why you train! It's not something anyone else can do for you............here's a clip to get you going!