Torn Pec/Clavicle Problems

I’m hoping you guys can help me out. I’m looking for an orthopedic surgeon in the New York City/Long Island Area who is a shoulder specialist but also has experience in repairing torn pecs.

Exactly 1 year ago I tore my pec wrestling. I am a player for the Long Island Lizards lacrosse team so we are covered under workers comp, however my case did not get cleared for an MRI for over 6 weeks, and the results didnt come in until 8 weeks. Through that time I was going to physical therapy, the pain had subsided and although I had a huge gap in my arm pit, I was doing sets of 40-50 pushups and the PT’s all told me to avoid surgery.

Over the next 6 months I continued to train modified and returned to Matt Serras place. Rolling felt fine, lifting everything but upper presses felt good, and I even worked up to a 185 lb floor press. No where near my prior strength, but if I’m able to roll, play lacrosse, and train, I’m ok with it. However, around 3 months ago I began having shoulder pain right in my AC joint, and sometimes back in my scapula.

It hasnt gone away, so I headed back to the Ortho and X-Rays and MRI show the end of my clavicle has a fracture and looks churned up, he called it osteolysis. His advice was 4 weeks of rest, do nothing.

So that is where I am at. I am looking for a second opinion for my clavicle/AC and also check out the rest of my shoulder. I guess best case scenario is I find a doctor who has more experience, who can reattach my pec, and fix up the shoulder as well. I’m just ready to take the time to have surgery, rehab, take time off, fix everythign and come back, its been a year of ‘modified’ workouts, ice after every training session at serra’s, I just want to be fixed and stop being stubborn and training through/around it.

My ortho is the team doctor for the lizards, dragons, and nassau community college, but he has never done a pec reattachement and I am just looking for another opinion. Anybody have experience with the Hospital for Special Surgeries in NYC?

When I played at Hofstra the team doctors at Pro Health were also the Dr’s for the Islanders and Jets, I may see if I can get an appt there as well. Any other recomendations?