Torn Muscle? Traps?

Hey I was wondering if other people have experienced something similar and could help identify my problem.

I’ve had this slight tingling, or numbing slight pain around my shoulder blade/traps. on the right side. Its been going on for about 2 weeks now.

I’m thinking it’s a pinched nerve or a slightly torn muscle, but I don’t really know.

the only thing that I can remember happening was when I was lifting the trap-bar deadlift a few weeks ago I did feel some kind of pain in that area. I’ve continued to do that excersize, however now I rest the bar/weights on top of flat plates to give me a few extra inches, so my shoulders don’t have dip that low to pick up the bar.

the sensation happens randomly… it can happen from something at the gym, or merely by walking around, or resting my arm in a weird fashion.

I’m not sure what I’m looking for from anyone, but maybe someone has some odd advice/experience they could give. I plan on going to the DR. soon and having it check out if it persists. However I know the advice is going to be “stop working out” all together. which I really do not want to do.


i have trouble all the time with my right rhomboid. sometimes it feels like a tweaked muscle, other times a nerve or something. if yours is in the same area that i had it, then its probably what they call a trigger point. basically a knot of muscle that gets irritated. i started foam rolling like a motherfucker and also using a tennis ball. you really got to get in there and smash the shit up. helped me out big time.

hmm could be a muscle knot… I guess i may have to get a massage or something