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Torn Meniscus

Hi all,
I have torn the meniscus in my knee for the 3rd time. However i want to keep my leg training up once recovered. I want to avoid any leg exercises that place over due stress on the meniscus such as squats. Any body got any ideas for leg exercises so my legs don’t look like tooth picks?

dude i tore the shit out of mine had surgery tore it again said fuck it and worked through it once its torn its torn and it doesnt bother me amd id go to a new doc if hes given you 2 surgeries to fix it and they messed up

I’ve had surgery on both knees for ACL and meniscus tears. I still squat(although sometimes a god awful sound comes from my knees). Call me stubborn. Something I just recently learned, for myself at least, is not to stay down in a squat position and pause for more than a second. I don’t think that squats are necessarily contraindicated(Eric and Mike, did I use that word right?)because of torn meniscus, each knee is different. Do em and see how your knee feels. Good luck.