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Torn Meniscus

hey guys I tore my meniscus and just had surgery to get it fixed. They didn’t repair it they just took out the messed up pieces and cleaned it up. What I’m wondering is what was recovery like for other lifters who have had the same injury.

I didn’t personally have the surgery but my roommate had a torn meniscus and had it partially removed and the rest fixed. Doctors made it sound like he’d be running around in a month. It’s been about 6 weeks and he’s doing good but has had quite a few ups and downs. He’s going on bike rides of about 30 minutes now (he used to bike for 50-60 miles at a time, usually around 20 mph). He had significant swelling in his knee that sacred him a bit and confused the doctors. Made him take an additional 2 weeks off of no activity.

Basically, it doesn’t seem like a horrible recovery but it will have it’s ups and downs. Some days you will feel great, some days you will have swelling or discomfort. Be patient, the recovery doesn’t seem as bad as many other surgeries.

I agree. I had the same surgery, the recovery is sure, just have some patience… the time-recovery may be variable but it doesn’t take long time, just some months

Its two months after meniscus surgery. I hardly even notice it. Just slight twinge occasionally. The worst part is my opposite hip hurts more than meniscus ever did.

The surgery depends on what type of meniscus tear you have. A horn type tear, all they can do is cut out the damaged area. Bucket handle types can be repaired with no removal of tissue. The parrot-beak is the same deal.


I had a meniscus surgery in april. I’ve been squatting deep and olympic lifting for about a month. I had my first soccer practice 3 hours ago and im experimenting a level of soreness in my legs i didn’t know existed but my knee is fine.

For most people they probably see about 3 months out with a torn meniscus. If it is meniscus and ACL probably more like 7 months for a young healthy male. But like others have said, just be patient and don’t rush it. You will get back up to where you were quickly.