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Torn Meniscus?


Three days ago I was doing squats, without feeling any unnatural pain. On the morning after, I couldn't extend my leg without pain in the lower, lateral part of my left knee, and flexion upon internal rotation hurt as well. There was no swelling or heat, however. Day two, I only felt pain when beginning movement after having the knee in a fixed position for a long time, and this quickly disappeared after a few steps or kicks. Day three, even this is gone, and the only pain left is a light pain when trying to hyperextend the knee. Days two and three, I haven't had any problems running.

Any ideas on what this could be (obviously getting an MRI would give the answer, but I haven't yet got an appointment)? The pain localisation and stiffness on the first two days points towards a torn meniscus, but the absence of trauma and the quick recovery seem strange. Has anyone heard of similar symptoms? Are there any potential problems in returning to weight training and contact sports?


From what you describe, my guess would be a mild case of IT Band syndrome. A tight IT Band (which runs from your hip down to your tibia) will cause slight maltracking of the kneecap; you say you're experiencing pain on the lateral part of your knee, which is right where the band inserts, and any flexion of the knee will cause further aggravation as your kneecap will continue to maltrack. Let it rest and get foam rolling, to see if that helps things ease up. With training, it can be prevented from returning by focusing on improving hip motility, strenghtening your external rotators (glutes) and strenghtening your VMO (e.g. terminal knee extensions) which will prevent the kneecap being pulled laterally.


that maybe the issue. when you said that you were doing squats and had pain the morning is not indicative of
a tear, maybe a strain of mcl. i've had 2 meniscus tears in both knees and the right knee was done 8wks
ago. i'm waiting for appt for some type of xray and have surgery again! sucks .... feel better .