Torn Meniscus Experience?

Had the MRI today, gets read tomorrow but the ortho doc said the physical exam presented as a tear in my meniscus. Happened Saturday while running, nothing out of the ordinary. Except heavy dl the day before, which felt fine.
Thoughts? Ever had the athroscopic surgery? Recovery?
Thanks in advance.

depends on the nature of the tear. smaller tears can generally heal themselves well and the artheroscopic surgery is normally just to clean up the scar tissue if its presenting with acute pain due to the misshapen scar tissue pinching in the joint. if its whats refered to as a buckethandle tear than surgery will be almost certainly on the cards.
medial or lateral?
recover is hard to quantify till extent is evident.
without trying to sound like an armchair expert, keep wraps on your external rotators/glute strength ( concentrate on nueral signaling/ feeling it work/ knee tracking)as well as weak archs & arch collapsing.

when your glutes and hip external rotators arnt working welland your knee tracks in, coupled with archs breaking inwards and instep collapsing it creates a horrible environment for your knee to deal with. your humerous internally rotates with the knee tracking in while your tib/fib externally rotates with the arch coming in wich creates a nasty twisting torsion within the knee and meniscus is normally the thing left to absorb the brunt.

hope this helped somewhat brother

What this ^ guy said. If it needs to be repaired (not removed) your looking at 3-4 weeks non weight bearing. This is due to the sutures that need to heal before you start putting weight on it. Meniscsectomy (removal) on the other hand is different. I had surgery for a bucket handle tear (along with an acl reconstruction) and was told to weight bear as tolerated.

I’ve had a torn lateral cartilage for nearly a year now (gawd bless the NHS) and having keyhole surgery next month. I went to 3 doctors who all said it was a ligament issue and would go away. Also went to a private physio who did some weird electrocution at the price of 100 pounds per session; it did absolutely nothing. Finally got referred and had an MRI, which showed quite a bad tear.

My surgeon told me no walking for 4-6 weeks and no heavy physical activity for 3 months. Like the guys above said strengthening the glute and musculature around the knee will aid recovery.

Thanks for the input guys. It turns out the posterior horn of the medial meniscus has a “complex tear”, so it will be getting removed Thursday. I already started do prehab with the guy who runs the athletic center where I train. He was a trainer for The Bulls and was MJ’s personal trainer, so I feel good about his program for me.
Then back to the gym on Monday!