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Torn Lat?


So yesterday I was deadlifting and felt strong, so I decided to go for a new PR. I hit it, and it felt good. I did one more single, and it was a struggle, so I called it a day. I woke up with some pain in my left lat. It is sore to the touch, but not excrutiating, and massaging it helps temporarily.

If I lift my arms above my head, there is a serious bulge on the left side of my ribcage coming off the bottom of my lat. I would think it would hurt more, though. I can also do pullups without much pain. What gives??


I'm not a professional but I would say its just a strain/inflamation

tearing a muscle you will get imediate signs of damage... at least in my experiance


I never really thought it was torn seeing how it's not a huge bother, but I've never had anything like this happen. Hell, I've never even had sore lats from deadlifting. The swelling has already about halved, which is unfortunate, because it looked really freaky and I wanted to show it to my workout partner.


Lol. You would know if you tore it- I don't think pullups would be an option, not to mention the entire area gets black and blue.


I had something very similar happen a while back and posted, check it out;


FYI; It is fine now, I just layed off of vertical pulling movements and direct lat work for a few weeks, hope this helps.