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Torn Labrum...


I tore my labrum in my shoulder last year, and it hasn't given me any pain or stopped me from doing anything i normally wouldnt do. Except military press, due to instability.

Anyway, I was doing 10x3 today in bench with 185 and by the 5th set my shoulder started to really hurt. Once I stopped it was fine.

My question is would incline press (which, for some reason I can do perfectly) and dips be good enough to develop my chest?


Probably, yes. Be careful with that shoulder though, there may be a danger of increasing the extent of the tear...


I know, but I've been lifting for the past 18 months with it. It feels fine, other than today.

Anyway, heres the situation with my shoulder:

To start off, I have very loose joints in my shoulders as well as hips. Good for athletics, more prone to injury. My labrum tore, my shoulder is a little farther out of the socket than it originall was. You can see this (if I point it out, at least) with my shoulders relaxed that my right shoulder is a little lower than my left. Other than looks, I have full range of motion and near full strength.

Does anyone know a program (or a few excersizes at least) to help strengthen my internal rotators as this may improve with stability under heavy weights.


Be careful. I too had a torn labrum and thought I could stick it out. I then tore off my bicep tendon because I didnt think it really hurt. This all after my first surgery to repair my rotator cuff. Be smart and listen to your body.

good luck.