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Torn Labrum


I have recently been diagnosed with posterior instability with a chronic partial detachment of the posterior inferior labrum associated with a small labral cyst which is evident posterosuperiorly. The anterior/inferior labrum and superior labrum is normal. The rotator cuff is intact with no evidence of tendinopathy, tear, atrophy or denervation.

I am however unable to receive surgical intervention for the next 8 months due to work commitments. I would appreciate any advice that any of you have regarding training during this time.



First off, any advise given to you here won't be nearly as beneficial any that is given by your ortho or therapist since they will physically be able to evaluate your situation and give more clear and concise information. But from a general standpoint with the little information given, here is my advice/questions:

When did the injury initially occur? How did the injury initially occur? What are your symptoms/issues and how often/when do they occur? What are your training goals, activities, etc.? In terms of general weight training, I would recommend avoiding heavy pressing movements at the time. Those movements will drive the head of the humerus posteriorly and may further damage the labrum or possibly cause a subluxation or dislocation episode. This is especially true if you are unable to or unaware of how to correctly "pack the shoulder" and set the scapula during those movement.

I would also focus on activation work on the lower traps, rhomboids, middle traps, etc. to be able to create that proper scapula positioning. Wall Y Lifts, prone/incline "y,t,w,l", face pulls, etc will help with that. Some stability/proprioceptive drills for your shoulder will help as well, although I can't fully recommend those as I don't know the severity of your laxity, etc.