Torn Labrum - Bankart Repair

Hey I just had my labrum repaired in my right shoulder about 12 days ago now, and had a little problem. I felt a small pop in the repaired shoulder, I thought i tore out the sutures but I called the surgeon and he said it was fine. Im wondering if anyone with a labrum repair has ever had the same experience, I just need some re assurance. Thanks for your help!

I remembering popping noises with mine also. no harm for me.

Have fun pulling the tubes out of your flesh if you have direct inject morphine like I did.

Like a stupid fuck, I changed the 5-gallon water bottle on our bubbler a week after my surgery (capsular shift/Bankart). Heard a huge pop and thought the staples tore. I immediately called my surgeon and he said if there is no additional pain or swelling I’m fine. It turned out to be nothing. Good luck rehabbing! Take it slow!