Torn Fascia

I need help from the T Mag staff, I’m a student of kinesiology and a student athletic trainer, and I have discovered that I’ve probably ripped the fascia that holds my long head bicep and tendon in the bicipital groove. No active or passive ranges of motion produce pain, nor do resisted rom tests. However, the yearganson test for sublexing bicep tendon was a big fat positive. Is there anything else other than rest ice compression I can do to speedily recover, it affects all my lifts. Thanks.

Short of surgery and that is not all that effective, no. Rice is your best therapy. However, you may try ultrasound on the bicep, that should limit the development of scar tissue. Use this recovery period to focus on your legs. Best of Luck.

I didn’t just tear the facsia - I tore the tendon clear off its insertion point at the top to the humerus/biciptial groove (during negative chins). Felt no pain at all, though it looked plain ugly, with the bicep bunched up 1/2 way down my upper arm. I found a great sports medicine orthopedic surgeon, who reattached it further down the humerus with a keyhole drilled in the bone. Operation took an hour, and got enough movement back after 2 weeks to start doing light upper body stuff (legs were no problem from day 1). Two months later, it’s as good as ever, though I’ll give it another couple of months at sub-max loads just to be sure. The bi is still looks a little different, but that’s coz the vessels and nerves are still rebuilding around the damaged area. So, if you are sure it has not actually torn off, then ice, maybe ultrasound, and light exercise to promote healing should fix it.