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Torn/Dislocated Hip Flexor? Squat injury

Long story short, while attempting a PR last Jan (1 year ago) I was doing 315 back squats ass to grass, and on my way up, I felt a ’pop’ in my inner right hip.

If feels like while squatting my hip flexor tendon popped out of place or I damaged some tendons in my inner hip. I have significant hip mobility restrictions on the bad hip. And while not a high pain level thing, it does cause me to start limping when walking fast, and I haven’t been able to squat more than 185 since. Also just flares up if I’m walking more than a couple miles at a time.

I’ve seen 3 doctors. And they basically said ‘yup, you don’t have hip mobility. Try stretching’ so now it’s been a year and 3 different docs have said to stretch. Got an X-ray and it didn’t show anything because it’s not a hip bone issue.

Don’t have health insurance, (the joy of being broke). And I’m teying to figure out what to do next. I don’t mind doing phys ther and stretching, but it hasn’t helped over the past year and they said to come back in 6 months.

I’d like to get an MRI and get a real look because I’m only 29 and I don’t want a permanently fucked up hip and a limp. lol. Probably gonna need some kind of surgery.

Does anyone else know about people tearing or injuring hip flexors while squatting? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Also new to posting here, even though I’ve been reading t nation for almost a decade. But I do have video of the squat when it happened if that will help at all.

Thanks in advance :+1:

Wait… did you come back after 6 months? And you were told to keep on doing the same thing even if it didn’t do anything for you and it’s been long enough for some injuries to heal?

Yup. Hurt it Jan 2018, was lifting about 4-5 days a week at the time. Quit doing lower body work entirely for about 5 months, then did some very light squats wth under 100 lbs for a month or so. Then went and saw a DR for the first time around Sep 2018. Dr said stretch and check back if it doesn’t get better. Went back again and I’ve seen 2 DR this month.

I do bike for my commute, but that doesn’t seem to bother my hip.

If biking doesn’t aggravate it then it’s probably not the hip flexors, biking is one thing that can cause tight hip flexors to begin with. It sounds more like an adductor or something else around there, and unless it was completely torn it should be healed by now. If you have a serious muscle tear (not necessarily a complete tear either) there will usually be a lot of bruising in the area and doing anything involving the affected muscle would probably hurt like hell.

I’m not a specialist, but it sounds like you had some sort of minor strain or cramp and then changed the way you move that leg and didn’t allow it to go through a full range of motion and that in turn led to more tightness and worsening in mobility. If you can see a physiotherapist or sports doctor they might be able to help. If there was anything to operate on in the first place it’s probably too late by now and you would need to go see a physiotherapist if you got surgery anyway.


Thanks for the input. I do have tight hip flexors from biking a lot. And when it happened my right quad was tight (didn’t warm up properly :man_facepalming: )

I’ll see if I can find a sports physiologist in town to see me. Since the other docs were GP and an ortho. Seeing someone who deals in sports and athletic injuries would probably have a good perspective.