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Torn Calluses....


I've searched around this site for things to do to prevent tearing a calous on your hand. I found slicing them off with a razor as well as filing them down with a file.

I've done both, and I've still been getting tears.

Today I was even using straps (for the last few sets of rack pulls) and I got a tear.


Do you mean ripping them to the point of bleeding, or just losing the top layers of dead skin during some heavy lifting?

Nothing wrong with leaving some skin in the gym, though I'd rather not bleed all over myself in the process.


No I dont mind leavig skin, and last time it ripped the skin off to the layer of skin where it was red and stung when I touched it. This time, it ripped it off and started bleeding, I had to cut my workout short because I didnt want to bleed all over the bars.

Damn commercial gyms.


Clot it with some chalk.


I am not making light of this because I am sure it must suck, but what are you guys doing differently than me in the gym? My "callouses" have NEVER ruptured. I don't even think my hands are that rough on a scale of 1-10 because I ahve shaken hands with some guys' who feel like sandpaper.

I never wear gloves and skin at the base of my fingers is very thick as a result. It would take one hell of a force to rip through it as I have peeled it off before and found it to be as thick as keratinized rubber.


I hear you same here I have some thick ones at the base of fingers as well. Never wear glove and Never rip them off?? must suck

Trim them wash your hand and use lotion form time to time. Oh and chalk on DL's etc.


I'll recommend what I did to the last dude who started a thread like this over the summer: pee on your hands in the shower. It's an old baseball trick.

Other than that, just toughen those babies up. I train using Westside workouts, so I'm deadlifting twice a week sometimes, but I never have had a callous tear.


I dead lift 2-3 times a week. Definately have them at the base of my fingers but can't think of tearing any while lifting. Now I have torn them playing golf, that is another topic.


Noticed today that they only tear when my grip slips and the bar sloughs them off a bit. Maybee thats the key to keeping them intact- reduce slippage with a beter grip.


HAHAHA! The Moises Alou trick! Just don't shake anyone's hand afterwards.


Had the same problem recently. I put lotion on it and put a bandaid around it. This kept it moist and allowed for healing.

I also now wear gloves when I train which seems to have helped me alot.


I have been having problems with my calluses tearing over the last two months. I thought they were fine before that. I've been doing alot of Olympic lifts with a hook grip. I don't know if that would make a difference or not. Never had the problem prior to the O-lifts. Does this go with the territory with these lifts or does anyone have some suggestions?


If you have tried filing them down and it doesn't work then you are not filing them correctly. Go to your local supermarket and in the beauty aisle pick up a pumice stone. After your shower when your hands are soft, file down the callouses a bit. The skin will be soft so don't go crazy because you do want some callous left.

Apart from that I don't know what else to tell you except skipping a workout because your finger is bleeding is a little lame. I've puked in the trashcan at commercial gyms and I doubt you were bleeding so profusely that it was noticable from across the room to the management. Like the other guy said, chalk clots blood pretty well.


I recently had one tear real bad, mostly from doing deads, but I also had to do hack squats and chin-ups in the same workout.

I noticed that the only one that split was below the finger with my wedding ring on it. I've since been training without the ring and even on the second and third week with the same routine, I didn't have the problem again.

I still get calluses on my hands, but not so bad where they split.


Your grip is definitly much stronger than mine.

I'm workin on that, and this is the reason they tear. When I feel the bar about to slip out of my hands, I feel it tear.

I was just asking if anyone had any tips on how to keep it to a minimum other than the obvious "get a stronger grip."