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Torn Callus Treatment?


I was doing some pretty heavy shrugs today with bands and was gripping the bar a little high in my palm (bad idea) and I ripped one big and one small callus off of the middle of my palm, kinda bloody. It sucks cause I felt the bar slipping, but I felt my skin slipping/tearing off too :frowning:

I've treated other calluses just fine that were on my fingers or right under my knuckles where most people have them, but I have never fucked up the middle of my palm like this before. Does anyone have any advise on the best way to treat it? If not no big deal, I'm guessing its gona take almost a month to heal anyways.

O and I don't have a camera right now or else I'd put up a picture


I just tore the big one right under my middle finger off hex-bar deadlifting...I just threw on some gloves for a week and it healed up nicely. I did deadlifts again today with no problem. There was some pain, but no blood, so you'll be fine.


If the skin is still hanging flop it over, then crazy glue it down. Use straps for a while until it heals. Should be good as new in a couple of weeks


ok nice, and there's still a big flap hanging off so I'll get some glue for it, and I think its probably a good idea to use gloves from now on for real heavy shrugs. Even though I think gloves are so gay, at least they'll save my hands... Thanks a lot guys


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+1 for the Krazy glue. I used it a few times and it works. Not to go Cliff Clavin on this thread but cyanoacrylate glue was developed in the 1940s and was used in a spray form beginning in 1966 during the Vietnam War. The spray was used by medics to close wounds and stop bleeding so soldiers could be stabilized to transport back to a base hospital. Now you know!!