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Torn Calf Muscle

I hit the gym hard for 9 months. 3 weeks out from my first meet in 20 yrs I had an accident at work. I got knocked from a ladder an tore my gastrok muscle in my calf. In denial and not listening to my body I rested it for 4 days and tried to hit the gym. Did a warm up set of 135 did fine. 225 went fine as well. 315… nope!!! Finally went to the hospital 6 days after the injury and now I’m in a walking boot waiting to see an ortho. So bummed. It was probably for the better since my numbers weren’t where I wanted them to be. Any one ever have this type of injury? Just looking at a time frame to when I can squat again?

Health/medical professionals are paid good money to know and tell you this shit. Ask them about recovery time, rehab options and what you can/can’t do in relation to your calf and when/at what stage of recovery.

Recovery time can vary depending on the severity of the injury with minor strains recovering in 2-4 weeks to complete ruptures taking 3-4 months with or without surgery + rehab.

If you’re in a boot it doesn’t sound minor to me but who knows (your medical professional does/will).

Ask for clearance to do upper body lifting ASAP so that you can resume benching in some form. You may have to use machines to train some body parts but while you’re recovering/adhering to your rehab program religiously if you can’t squat/deadlift you may as well take the time to get an incredibly jacked upper body and up your bench.