Torn Biceps Injury???

A buddy of mine had to leave town for a little while after tearing a biceps muscle. He just got out of surgery. I haven’t had the opportunity to talk with him since the injury. What causes that crap? Poor nutrition, not warming-up, cheat sets…??? Man, after hearing that I just cringed at thought… somebody told me he said it sounded like a tearing rag… That would put a damper on any Mag-10 cycle!

I can’t say for sure, but I think it happens when you don’t warm up enough, your flexibility is poor, and aren’t used to lifting with maximal weights. When TC tore his pec, he admitted that he usually trains like a bodybuilder, and it was the first time he tried a 1RM on the bench in 10 years. When your freind tore his bicep, was he tyring to max out on a curl or chin-up? Ian King mentioned in “Get Buffed” that doing eccentric chin-ups can put extreme stress on the tendons of the bicep. I also knew a guy who tore the distal tendon in his bicep when he was falling off a roof and caught the gutter with one hand.

I believe many biceps tears occur during deadlifts. I think this a problem due to not maintaining flexibility. Just points out the importance of stretching.

I know a guy that tore his bicep while trying to arm wrestle. He thought that he could win because he was bigger than his opponent. He found out the hard way when his shoulder staid forward and his arm went the other way. OOOuch!

Flexibility is not always an issue. Most cases are flukes (12 years in rehab field). It is usually resulting from a poor mechanical position of the joint under load (usually eccentric) so the muscle is actually contracted. In the case of training, also keep in mind that a muscle will strengthen faster that associated connective tissue. Progressing loads too fast, overuse of certain exercises may make you more prone. Also AAS has an anecdotal link as well. Just a few thoughts.

Damn PimpC, did you see that happen? I’d still have that image in my head. Disgusting.

I don’t think arm wrestling is a good idea period anymore. The story above is awful but I have a worse one. My uncle broke his humerus bone LONGITUDINALLY (that’s right, a giant crack straight up the middle) while in a competition. It has been tens years and his arm is still not the same. He blames it on dehydration.

Well the guy came back and I asked him a few questions on the cause of the tear. He said he had properly warmed-up, was hydrated, feeling good. He was doing alternate curls with 16 kilo dumbells, about 35 pounders. And then - RIIIPPP! The doc told him it was age related. He has been lifting awhile and in his upper 30’s. Is this what we have too look forward to???