Torn Biceps...Ever 100% Again?

I have just had a bicep muscle surgically reattached to the bone. I am out of the cast now, and wearing a brace that makes me look like some kind of cyborg.

Anyway…my question is this…does an injury of this type ever truly heal? Will the injured arm ever be 100% again, or will I have to always treat it with kid gloves when training in the future?

Anyone with any related experience or info?

I think Magnus Samuelsson tore both his biceps. (Worlds strongest man competitor). He regained his strength back and certainly didn’t back of arm training rather he concentrated on it and recovered

Had both of my distal Biceps tendons surgically repaired when torn(at different times). I have healed up 100% from both, BUT, I do have some residual nitpicky deficits. Both Biceps are smaller and weaker in the curling movements. Supination of both forearms is not equal with some loss of R.O.M.

I had a distal tear on my right biceps about 5 years ago. I would say that it is pretty close to 100% recoverd. Aside from the huge scar(I have a pic of it in my profile) and the fact that it attaches differently than the left side I have no concerns. One key point…now that you are out of the cast get tons of physio done to keep the forming of any scar tissue at bay. Good luck with your healing.

Tore my right biceps clean off the bone at the bottom in Oct. 2005.

I was doing 5 lb curls ~4 weeks after sugery. The effort was like curling 100 lbs pre-surgery.

It took about a year beofre I really felt good again. It isn’t as strong, doesn’t look as good, and can feel tight/cramped with a higher volume of work, but I don’t think it’s really limiting any more. The biggest hurdle is the psychological one. That’s true with any catastrophic injury though. Just don’t let it beat you and train smart. Nothing but full extension on curls for me from now on.

I couldn’t agree with that more…It is always in the back of your mind…I rarely do any curls now.