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Torn Bicep


Hopefully somebody can help me with this, I recently (partially)tore my bicep in the gym doing hammer grip preacher curls. The weird thing about the tear was that it tore across the middle of my bicep, not where it meets the elbow, so when I flexed it looked like I had two bicep heads from the side or if I was facing the front it looked like I had a quarter inch gap in the middle of my bicep. I had some minor bruising and a decent amount of swelling that night as well as the next morning so I went to the doctor. He said that because it wasn't ruptured no surgery would be needed but I'd have to lay off the weights for 7-10days, ice it at least 3xday, and then rehab it for another week or so after the initial 10 ten days. After a few days the swelling and bruising were gone and I took an even two weeks off to let it fully heal.

Well I've started lifting again going very light and it wasn't bothering me at first, but on my third bicep workout after my first set of standing dumbbell curls(my warmup) my bicep felt very tight and I had a pain in the spot I tore it previously. I tried doing one more set but the tightness continued so I went home and iced it. I flexed in the mirror after and it kind of looked like the odd split was coming back and the tightness has continued into the next day.

I've been a devoted reader to the T-Nation for a while and I figured this was probably the best place for me to get some solid insight on what I should do about this problem. Any help yall could give would be more than appreciated b/c as of now I'm dead in the water!


What specialty doctor did you see? Orthopedic specialist? General medical physician? Sports physician? Did you make the doctor aware of your planned on continuing your training at the level you train at?


You probably tore it again. A severe strain and a tear are the same thing. I tore mine last year at the top. I tore the muscle belly and not any tendons. There isn't anything you can do surgery wise for muscle belly tears because you can't sew meat together. I never even went to the doctor because I knew what I had done and there wasn't anything he was going to do for me except give me pain meds.

Take time off and use massage and other soft tissue techniques to reduce the scar tissue. There isn't anything you can do to change the ways it looks. 2 weeks isn't going to cut it. Give it at least a month and then start very very light and slowly work back up.


The university I go to has a large health facility so I went to the doctor there