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Torn Bicep?

Hey everyone. I searched torn bicep, and it seems alot of you have had them. I was hoping I could get some opinions. I was in a bar, playing that stupid game that measures how hard you can punch. Well, after many beers, I managed to hit it pretty awkwardly. I didn’t hear anything pop, but the next day, I couldn’t straighten my arm or barely lift a gallon of milk without a ton of pain.

It’s only been 3 days, and it’s still a little sore, but I have full range of motion and strength back. The problem is that my bicep looks all deflated. I’ve seen some pics on here of torn biceps, and it kind of looks like that. Not the ones where the bicep balls up at the shoulder, but the ones that say they had partial tears. My questions are: 1- Could I have my strength and range of motion back so quickly if it were torn? 2- And if so, will my bicep always look like that?

I keep telling myself it’s just temporary swelling. I know alot of you will tell me to go get it looked at. Problem is, funds are low and bills are high. I would hate to drop a ton of cash just to be told it’s a mild sprain, and everything will be fine. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

if you have a tear in the short head
you get a “popeye” muscle, only the long head flexes and is closer to the shoulder
but not really. if you tear the long and it’s at the elbow that requires surgery. go
see the orthorpedics doc soon as possible.

check for bruising as a result of tear. my
tear had bleeding from top of bicep just below shoulder all the way to above the elbow and appeared worse than it looked and took about 3 months or so for it to heal and feel a lot less pain at the intial 8 wks
after tear, but also tore rotator cuff, the
labrum, and acl.still having therapy. post
surgical pain was the worst and would not wish it on anybody.

yes it’s permament. nothing you can do about
it. hope it’s not to bad.