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Torn Bicep Rehab


Long time lurker, new poster here. I tore my left bicep last January (about 13 months ago) while wrestling. It bunched up on my arm and the bicep tendon retracted, but I figured it would get better with time, so I decided to wait a little bit and see how better it got (wrong move, I know). I was also dealing with a lot at the time, including getting married and starting a new job, switching between insurance companies, so I decided to wait a little bit to see how much better it got. It got better, but it never got back to full strength. I decided to see a doctor around April after getting my insurance, about 3 months after the injury, but they just kept on telling me that it was too late to do surgery and my bicep would never get back to the strength that it was.

I kept on getting second opinions on the matter until I found an experienced doctor on the matter around July. After doing some MRI's, he decided that the tendon had retracted too much to stretch it back, but he could take a graft from my forearm to connect the tendon again to the bone. The surgery was done in early August, and now it's March. My left bicep is still significantly weaker than my right bicep right now, but slowly improving. My doctor says it will most likely only get to about 80% of what it used to be. Does anyone have any tips on how to regain strength in my left bicep? I've just been doing one armed bicep curls against a pad (palms facing forward), to see if I can get that left bicep strength up again. I searched the forum board for similar experiences and found some cases, but I really wanted to see if anyone had the same experience as I (getting surgery done so late), and what they did for rehab. Thanks!


Anyone please??


I tore the tendon at the elbow about 2 years ago to this month. The worst thing you can do for this injury is wait, I had the surgery done about 2 weeks after I tore it. I can tell you the recovery and rehab sucked and it took forever to get some strength back. You will be afraid to lift anything heavy for a while.

For rehab I basically went to a therapist who had me doing band curls and hand movements. I can tell you that before I tore it I was getting 525 for sets of 3 for deadlift, two days ago I did 455 for 3 and could feel my arm "stretching" at the tendon so I stopped there. maybe its just me but damned if I am gonna do that again. Good luck you should be fine, good luck.


Post on Elite FTS, their guys have plenty of experience with torn biceps, I've got a biceps tendon strain in my left arm and its totally ruining my training so I can only imagine how bad this is for you, BBB may be able to offer some advice, where about are you? (globally)


I'm in Sunnyvale, CA, USA.