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Torn Bicep Muscle Belly


Okay, so in july I was doing some crappy form with too much weight on an ez bar, tried to force the rep and felt a ripping in my bicep belly. I rested and iced it, only doing legs until this point. There is a little "dent" in my arm, tried doing biceps but it hurts like a bitch. Doctor reffered me to a orthopedic. Just wondering how torn muscle bellies heal up. Couldnt find anything using google


Let me know if you find anything. I tore mine about 3 months ago and it still hurts like a bitch. I had a trainer look at it and he said it would heal on its on. They called it Popeye syndrome. If I press straight down on the muscle, I can feal a hard lump.


^^^^ Yeah man, it sucks. There's barely any info online, I have a doctors appointment with an orthopedic on thursday. My general doctor said it will heal up on its own, but idk if that means im able to lift weights, or just perform normal activities.


You need an MRI to tell if it is the muscle or tendon that is torn. There isn't anything surgical you can do to a muscle belly. If the tendon is torn, it can be sewn back on. Imagine trying to sew two steaks together and that is what it is like trying to sew muscle.

I tore mine July of 2010. I took it easy for a few weeks and slowly started back with bi lifting. I also had a hard lump and I am sure it is scar tissue. I massaged it and massaged it and now it is gone. I have no issues other than a cosmetic one (a divot) but it makes that bicep appear to have a much better peak.


Wow that makes me feel so much better, its not a tendon. Its a muscle belly. So you came back and had your lifts stronger than before? and even grew your arms more?


I tore mine in 2010. I have had a slew of other issues affecting my lifting but I have no adverse effects (from the tear) now other than cosmetically. It tore near the shoulder, allowing the muscle to "slide" down and when flexed, it appears to have a much better peak. I tore it during a defensive tactics class. I asked the guy to tear the other one the next year...

I see no reason why can't progress after you let the tear heal and get the scar tissue massaged out, either by yourself or an ART practitioner or something similar.


Thank you so much, I believe i havent been resting it enough. Will do. Thanks blake.


I took a couple weeks off from ANYTHING lifting wise that bothered it. I did carry a tv for a friend and I felt a twinge in it but it went away quickly.

Ice it periodically. Massage it (not too soon after icing. A cold muscle won't respond). Massaging it should be easy. Mine felt like a marble and I would pinch at it or rub it with my palm and it didn't take long at all to go away. The sooner you start, the less "set in" the scar tissue will be.