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Torn Bicep Ligament Help Me Out?


Hey guys! I'm new on here, here's a little bit about me I'm 25 been working out for the past 10 years or so now I've competed and placed in two local shows. Been lurking around forums for a while now thought it might be time to sign up! I have a bit of experience with AAS I recently just started a cycle it consists of:
750mg/wk Test E
500mg/wk NPP
60mg Dbol daily

I was doing great up 12lbs in just 2 weeks, but I was finishing up with barbell preacher curls the other day heard a 'pop' arm went numb and seized up on me. I recently had an ultrasound my distal bicep tendon is torn badly. I'm hoping to recover as soon as I can obviously, was wondering if you guys had any input on some things to help me out?

I just started GH to help it out and im going to stay on the deca and see if that helps I'm also taking glucosamine, MSM, and chrondoiton or however you spell it already. Wondering if I could be missing something?


I've got a 'strained' bicep tendon in my left arm, which was pretty painful but I've been resting it diligently and have been having it treated regularly with ultra sound. I can't do pull ups, rows or dead lifts, so I'm just doing light high rep machine bak exercises until it feels better, I've dropped my cycle down to 400mg test a week, and will drop down to 100mg test a week starting from tomorrow to try and get rid of some acne/zits I've been struggling with for a few months. As soon as I get my skin cleared up I'll go back on 600-800mg test depending on how I feel and work around my bad arm until it feels strong enough to train 'properly' again.

I wouldn't stay on just deca and HGH.

Only you know how bad your arm is, and of course you want it healed ASAP. I don't compete so can't advise you there, I also know that steroids won't fix the problem either-and I've had my fair share of injuries so I don't mean to sound like an asshole when I say that.

Go see a good therapist/chiro/physio whatever, I prefer chiro for primary treatment and diagnosis but physio compliments it well. Follow the instructions you get given, which are most likely to involve a rest period. YOU DO NOT WANT TO KEEP RE INJURING YOURSELF once recovery starts taking place.
You will have to train lighter than usual and remember that 'da roidz' make your muscles stronger and not your ligaments, they need time to catch up so go easy on yourself. The unfortunate truth is that, once healed this bicep is probably not going to be as robust as it once was, so just be aware that it will be more susceptible to re injury.

At the very least you can train around your bad arm and work on your legs and back etc whilst it recovers-and when it does just listen to it, and don't overdo it.

Just out of curiosity, is it your primary arm-like if you're right handed its your right arm you have injured?

Good luck



That happened to me deadlifting 735lb 6 years ago. It happened in my left arm where my hand was supinated. I felt a pop, then immediately went to the smoothie bar and put a bag of ice on it and kept my arm in a sling postition. I refrained from any pulling exercises for 3 months. My left bicep appears to be about an inch shorter than my right now(not that noticeable), and it is a little bit weaker than my left, but that took years to build back up because initially it was very weak. I've met people who've had the surgery and it looks just like my arm looks without the surgery so what's the point?


anychance your still around? been searching the internet universe to converse with someone with the same history. thanx and god bless