Torn ACL, Want to Get Bigger

I am 16 , 5’7 and 130lbs. I just recently tore my ACL, although I can not do any leg lifting I have been lifting five days a week for almost two months. Usually I will work chest and back one day and arms and shoulders the next. I can only put up 130 on the bench about six times or so.

Although this site is a wealth of information it is also kind of overwhelming. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions, how I could gain good healthy muscel weight.

I suppose you could continue training your upper body, but keep in mind that your primary training goal should be rehabbing that ACL. If you haven’t started yet, let me tell you that REHAB IS HARD WORK, especially as you get more advanced. If you aren’t sweating and tired by the end of your therapy session, your PT doesn’t know what he’s doing and is treating you like a weekend warrior and not an athlete. So keep that in mind and be sure to account for that in your workout schedule; remember that your upper body work is only ancillary.

That said, you can start with the stickies at the top of this thread, and discuss your lifting plans with your therapist.
You must also clearly define your goal. Yes, one goal only, and it must be rather specific. In your case it would probably be to simply slap on as much muscle as you can within a defined time period.

For starters, EAT.

Also, use the search function to find material on adolescent lifting. Be patient, do your homework, and then come back when you have questions.
And don’t forget that your ACL is your primary concern!

Work w/your PT. I was 15 when I did mine and let me tell you it blew. But, still if you have the mindset (patience and tenacity)you’ll be just fine. Side note, make sure you talk to people, everyone and anyone keeping a positve attitud) about your injury. Especially your PT.

Make sure you work on your ROM and building muscle in your injured leg as well as the rest of your lower body and back.

Do not be discouraged from any small set back this common. Know when to rest. If you need to take two days off then take them. Go light at first, use high rep and work on your ROM.

I got my second letter in Wrestling 10 months after my ACL surgery and that was 23 years ago. Everything is a whole lot better now as for surgery and rehab. Keep your eyes to sky!!!