Torn ACL and Foam Rolling

Last week I tore my ACL, lateral meniscus, and chipped some bone off my patella and I believe the main reason the injury happened, based on some research I’ve done myself, is that my left side had issues with tightness and proper glute function. Leading up to the injury, my left leg was weaker in hip extension exercises, and my left side lower back would always get some major pumps.

So after some reading, I think my issue is

  1. poor/weak glute function
  2. tight tfl/it band
  3. tight QL

I’m pretty sure the QL is also responsible for my left shoulder being elevated and generally feeling weaker and less stable on exercises.

But my actual question is, is it advisable to go ahead and foam roll my IT band with my torn ACL before surgery? Should I avoid any rolling that is close to the knee? Also what should I do for activation and lengthening work? I’m fairly limited with this leg, and cannot do some of the QL stretches I’ve seen demonstrated. I’m really wanting to correct my shoulder imbalance as well so I can at least work upper body while I’m out for a while from the gym.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Foam rolling is fine. Your ACL is already torn, and the surgery will fix it. It is better to get in the soft tissue work now before you are slightly immobilized after the surgery.

Also, why do you think your QL has elevated your left shoulder?

I’d assume with the hip flexion he’d have a slight lean towards the tight side causing the shoulder to be in the raised position more often (personally experienced something similair). The foam rolling wouldn’t make any difference, or at least shouldn’t, the meniscus however is a whole nother cup of tea. No weight bearing exercises should be done. The bad news is that you will be very limited with the exercise you can do since even hamstring curls and leg extension will be out of question due to the shear forces on the meniscus(depending on the severity) with any forceful contraction of the flexors/extensors. From now on it’s just the waiting game