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Toremifene Citrate (Fareston) to Reduce Gyno?

I have been reading about this stuff, and it seems that some places are saying that Toremifene Citrate (Fareston)can or will help reduce any existing gyno. Has anyone experience this or is this just all speculation?


Let me Google that for you:

Thanks but as I stated before, I have read many articles about this, but I was looking for anyone who had first hand knowledge or experience with it in reducing gyno.

I’m sure Westclock has mentioned it before, I don’t know if he has definitely used it though.

Damm, it is a SERM used for estrogen positive cancers. What else is there to know? It also seems to be good for preventing negative effects of E on the prostate. I guess that we need a 50 week double blind placebo controlled study of body builders treated for gyno -funded by who? What we cannot do a 50 week clinical trial on guys who do 12 week cycles? Not widely available. Why don’t you try it and report you findings. That will be as good as anyone else’s results. The more important point might be the absence of side effects.

It will reduce gyno, it is a SERM.