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Tore My MCL

Today I went to the OSU sports doctors and found out what is wrong with my knee. I tore my MCL only a class 1+ tear so I should be good to play australian rules football again in about 3 weeks. I am very grateful that I will be back in action so soon. I am only 30 but this seemed like the logical place to post this. If anyone here has any hints for rehab and physical therapy please let me know. I start physical therapy tomorrow at 4:30.

I’m a self healer. I rub and probe and pock until I find the problem area and rehab it. Kind of tricky finding the real problem at times since other muscle will become extremely sore from compensating for the injured muscle. That’s mostly with older injuries though.

Slow and easy is the general rule of thumb. I always remember the R.I.C.E. rest, ice, compress, elavate once there is no more swelling I start the rehab. If it was something serious I would seek help to find out what to do and then do it myself.