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Tore My Hip Flexor

Hi, in the last week of the Anchor, I tore my right hipflexor while squatting.
I am currently at TM Test Week. I checked all my training max except squats. I can’t squat and can hardly get out of my chair without pain. I try to focus on recovery. But I don’t want to lose training, does anyone have a temporary program to recommend for me without squat? I can do deadlift and I really wanted to increase my Deadlift to 500 Pounds, Bench a little hard for me because I can’t use my legs but still fine, Press is alright and also a Power Clean (kind of).

This is very simple - train what is trainable. Don’t squat and start working with a qualified PT to help you. I’m sure you didn’t “tear your hip flexor” - I bet it was a strain. So first get it diagnosed (again, someone that is qualified), then rehab and whilst doing this - train what you can.

All you have to do is NOT squat. it’s that simple.

Thank you so much for replying.
So just pick a random program and remove the Squat from it ? Or maybe there are some programs out there that can work better for me with my situation ?

Any maintenance program. 5 progressions without squats.
Get some legitimate medical evaluations, and treatment plan. Incorporate that into your training. Better to let it heal properly than drag it out.
You can probably start with squatting above parallel as it starts to feel better and work your way down.
Good luck, be patience and it will get better.

LIke Jim just said, your gonna need to discuss what you can and cant do with a good physiotherapist. If you can, find one that is lifter friendly. I went to one about a year ago and when i told her that I regularly squat over 400lbs, she looked at me like I told her I break my own fingers with a ball bean hammer for fun.

Use this opportunity to learn why this injury happened in the first place. With my experience with physio, its never what you hurt that was weak, it was another muscle or muscle group that is underdeveloped leading to what you hurt being overworked.

A good PT will be able to get you healed up quickly and also help you figure out if your movement patterns are solid, and what you need to strengthen.

Whatever work they give you to do, do it religously. Some stuff might seem stupid or pointless but if you get the work in your will be back quicker than you think. However, your going to need to be patient as well. Don’t rush your recovery or you will just end up in the same place 3 months from now starting all over again.