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Tore My First Deck of Cards


Was pretty excited after I tore my first deck of cards. I have been working up adding 10 cards every week. Was sitting at my desk at work with nothing to do so I decided to try for the whole deck. Guess having people giving me weird looks gave me the extra urge not to give up half way through.


Another pic


Ha dude I love stuff like that. Nice work.


Just out of curiosity, how many decks of cards did you go through weekly when working up to this?


Cheers Melvin, I am going to keep ripping cards till I can do a few decks in a row.

Hahaha, too many. I have a bag of ripped cards at work. I started ripping 20 at a time, and then doing it twice in one sitting. then moved up to 30 and sometimes dropped to 25 cards at a time. I got the cards from the dollar store though. 2 packs for a buck.