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Tore my Biceps


Well i tore my biceps deadlifting last night at the gym. Looks at the moment like a partial tear of the muscle at the myotendinal junction so probably not surgery.

Anyone do this before? Any advice?

Thanks in advance team.



Tore the top part of my left bicep in 2009. Never even went to the doctor because they can't sew meat together. I massaged it a lot and about a month and half later, all was better. I also took lots of ibuprofen and started lightly working the area as soon as I could. Now, I just have a misshapen muscle that consists of an awesome peak on my bicep. Sometimes, I wonder if I should tear the right one to match.

All will be better as long as you rehab it correctly. Good luck. Oh, go see an ART person if you can. You don't want scar tissue building up.


I tore my other biceps years ago flipping a tire in strongman training and that healed really quickly, actually i competed on it the week after.

this one is a lot more severe, might require surgery though I won't know till I talk to the ortho but it looks doubtful.


I know its a different muscle so i dont know if the same rules apply. But i tore my thigh kicking a rugby ball of all things. Completely ignored it for years. It kept 'going' all the time, from doing various activities. Decided to do something about it, and a personal trainer told me about self myofacial (sp) release. It completely went after a few weeks. No problems since. I just dug my knuckles into area for a few minutes at a time. Dont know if this will help, but maybe worth looking into


Well I'll definitely have my ART guy working on it once it's ready for him. First I need to see the ortho and see what they say, that should be this week. If no surgery I'll book the ART and physio and get going on it.


Were you using an alternating grip and tore the bicep whose grip was facing away? I read about this a few months ago and started doing my deadlifts with both palms facing me to avoid the risk though the weight definitely goes down. I am curious as to whether that is what happened to you. Hope you recover and feel better!


Yeah, I was using an alternating grip and it was my underhand that tore the biceps.

As a competitive powerlifter I'm not to willing to sacrifice the weight, it's kind of the point. Though I might need to switch which hand is which from here in.


I tore my bicep about a year ago...didn't go to the doctor at first but decided to pay a visit after I found that I wasn't regaining all my strength in that arm. He ended up taking a graft and connecting the tendon again. I would recommend going to the doctor immediately before it goes too late, in the case where he perform surgery for you.


Well I already saw the doc but I have an ortho apppointment first thing tomorrow morning so I'll find out what's going on then


Turns out I totally separated the tendon from the bone. It's been reattached and should heal better than new. 3 weeks in a cast, 7 weeks after that in a brace and then 6 months building it back up.