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Tore Bicep


Pretty sure I tore my bicep...was lifting a piece of machinery and had my arms fully extened and felt a snap, looked down and saw then inside of my bicep roll up. Funny thing is, it was stiff and sore, but I never had any pain. I went from being able to do heavy curls and a heavy back to only being able to do 20lb dumbell curls and it feels like it's going to tear the other half off. I guess I need to get to the dr., I don't know if they can do anything now because it's been around 3 months ago.


Troll??? Jan '06, 44 posts.

Why have you waited three months to even consider going to the Dr.? Get your ass in there to see him/her if this is a serious post.




Wow, I've seen someone with a torn bicep who never got it fixed or looked at. It was pretty gross looking. He would hold his arm up like he was going to flex and the bicep would fall down and move way up towards the shoulder. Fuckin' nasty!

Whatever you do, please don't post pictures.

I'd most definitely get it looked at though!

EDIT: On second thought it may have just separated from his arm at the elbow...


Troll...retard. Member since 06, but mainly read post...didn't go to the dr because I was in landscaping and it was the beginning of summer and the sole wage earner of my family.

Situation has changed and do have an appointment in a couple of weeks.


Trying to post a pic of arm.


Who's the retard when you waited three months before being concerned about it? Summer or no, a sports medicine consultation does not equal immediate surgery, dude. Jesus Christ, you have to admit, it's pretty absurd. Thanks for the pic, I withdraw my troll comment... your wrist is pretty pronated and the bicep is in a contracted position; it looks it did detract and roll up. I know the feeling; I have to have surgery on a torn rotator cuff sooner or later.


If I would have went to the doctor then I would have lost everything. I'm going to see my doctor because hmo's require the dr visit before I can go see a surgeon.


Lost everything? What do you mean? Well, either way, what's done is done, and I wish you luck and a speedy recovery.


your bicep will require surgery but after 3 months? i dont know, hell for all i know the muscle has calcified and dont know what happens from there. sorry for your arm. i had a short head biceps tear, rotator cuff tear
labrum tear and acl tear. never want to hurt like taht again!



Had an accident?



yeah at work and was taking down 4 boxes twenty lbs for each arm and this was nothing new i was puting stuff
up from the truck. as i started to take down the boxes i manuvered in such a way that i let the boxes hit
me in the chest then drop down to waist area right when i hit the waist area i felt the snap.and hurt like
hell. saw the pa the next morning and told the pa my shoulder hurt as well. had surgery and the worst pain in my life for a yr and a ahalf. i finished pain med a few month ago and have ocasional minor pain and that probally will have the rest of my life.



Dammit, don't depress me like that! I keep putting my surgery off because I can still work out heavy, just 1/2-range bench press and lateral raises up to nipple height. No jogging, because the jarring jacks my shoulder. Doc told me that it would be a year for full recovery, but I'm hoping that the whole year isn't agonizing.



my case was unique given the fact my surgery was delayed by three months and as a result scar tissue build-up.if you're under 60 yrs you'll be able to handle it cuz your're young, me 45. the meds of course have to sit with the doc and if what he gives you doesn't help then a pain doc that can really prescribe narcs like
oxcontin and i was on 30 mg 2x aday and ir oxycodone 10mg 4x aday. the worst of the pain for me was the fist
5 months along with physical therapy and that's just to get mobility and some stregnth and i was at work near arounnd this time last year. i'm so much better now compared to then. some issues mostly wokers comp made it dificult. like therapy, i thought i needed at least 12 more wks. they do it to where you are at the minmum requirement and let you go. the fact that you're in better shape then me will help a lot. i dont know aboutjogging, but walking would be better aleast 8 wks after the surgery cus your arm is in a sling and turns into a pencil. the muscle loss was amazing. just have a good family and freind support system and things should go ok. any thing you want to ask me, do so.



To Patricio,

I had surgery for a torn labrum and tore rotator, and they shaved the bone down. To be honest it wasn't that bad, and only meds I took was motrin and not often either. PT for 10-12 weeks and then started light lifting and continued doing lots of stretching after the PT.

Took about 7-9 months to be about 80-90%. After about a year it's back up to about 95% and that'll be it. Waiting for the right time to get the other shoulder done just like you. Also only doing 3/4 reps etc. but strenth is about 60% of what I normally do. Can't wait to just get it over with.

For the OP,

I had two co workers who tore their bi's and both times doctors told them it was too late to re-attach. If you don't get it done right away it probably can't be done without major stuff going on. Apparently it calcifies and sticks where it is. Sorry.


as: Good to hear. I have a supraspinatus tear, and I also have to have the sub-acromial depression. Your timeline is exactly what the doc told me: 3 months for lifting @ 25% of where I was; 6-9 months before he releases me completely, and a year or so for full recovery. Yes, my left shoulder is starting to bother me, too, which is sort of scary.

OP: Man, it sounds like I'd bump that appointment up if I were you, from what as says. Run, don't walk, to the office!


I Know this an old post and thought to update. When i survived hell I went through with my left shoulder it prepared me for my right shoulder almost ten years later. I hurt left shoulder Dec 26, 2007, surgery mar 2008, completely healed psychologically and physically october 2010. I had two old injuries that I did not seek help for (1984-1985)…Didn’t know I should’ve gone to emergency room. Tore right shoulder in the front near bicep and in the back side of shoulder.

The first was from arm wrestling a guy, and said fuck it then put all my might into shoulder, something snapped but not the bicep It hurt for months then went away. The second I was using a pullover machine, the one you sit in I was finishing up my last set of 10, and as on 7nth rep I came down midway, something snapped in the back of shoulder, that hurt for months and couldn’t do certain things without hurting. finally healed and had no real problems till about 2005.

I threw a baseball about half speed and that hurt like hell…didn’t do anything till I started having severe shoulder, bicep and elbow tendonitis march 2016. at first i could use aspirin or tylenol to help pain as well as ice and heat. it got worse by august and finally went to ortho doctor. prescribed anti inflammatories and physical therapy.

After 8 weeks no improvements and it got worse. Pain was so severe I couldn’t even lift 5lbs . Doc told me what my options were: live with it and cort shots every 3 month or surgery. I really didn’t want to do surgery again because of the hell I went through 10 years earlier. So I said fuck it and had surgery. To my surprise, post op pain wasn’t like it was 10 years ago. this time i was able to manage pain better and still needed narc meds anyways.

I had a shoulder block done, and that was interesting, like a dead fish my arm wouldn’t obey my commands flopping around when taking a shower that wore off after about 2 days. Physical therapy started 4 weeks after surgery. They moved my arm for me. then real physical therapy started 8 weeks after surgery. Things went well for the most part,.

Today 1 year after surgery on right shoulder, Im doing okay. I forgot to mention that 4 days before surgery, my right bicep ruptured, and he fixed my bicep hooked to post on the bone. I have had 5 surgeries, both knees (meniscus medial tendon tears) both shoulders ( rotator cuff, labrum…right bicep fixed) and Left wrist tendon near thumb was trapped and tendon sheath was cut open to free tendon) Anyone else have surgeries similar to what I had done?Please share.


Funny that you just responded, years later. I had my right shoulder done in 2009 and have to have my left done now. I’ll probably do it within the next few months. The left one truthfully started bothering me about the time I had my right one done, but the doc waved it off as me compensating for the right being out of commission. It never got better.

It’s the same supraspinatus tear, 11x13mm @ the humeral attachment. Sub-AC depression, and he said he’d leave the AC joint resection option up to me (I’m going to elect for it.) It was about one year before I was 100%, so I know have that ahead of me now. I’m 41 now so healing may be a bit slower, but who knows. I’m looking forward to getting this behind me and feeling somewhat normal (minus back pain and a small bit of OA…)


the recovery is hard because everytime you move, we engage the shoulder. Hecki I couldn’t even use a knife cuz the sawing motion hurt. even at 3 months…as long as you do your physical therapy and don’t lift anything heavy the first year, you should be okay. but everyone is different


Yep, I’ve been through it before. Not too good, not too bad. Changing the radio station in the car hurt for about 7 months, and it was a year before not pain at all.