Alright guys, shirts, where do you find shirts that fit? It seems that everything is made for fat asses. trying to find a decent shirt with enough room for my shoulders and back without looking like a garbage bag in the middle is nearly impossible.

I dont want to spend a fortune on specialty clothes or having them taken in.

Some dress shirts are available in athletic cuts but what about t-shirts, polos, and other types?

Has anyone found a solution to this?

ah hell, maybe I’ll just go shirtless, its almost summer anyway.

I just want to second this as a good question. I just noticed yesterday, that shirts which used to seem to fit me well enough now draped way out over my stomach. I do not know if this means my chest and shoulders have increased a lot or what, but it would be nice not to be made to look like my upper body is a ghost hovering over my legs.

No shit!

I have the same issue. I never thought of it as garbage bag, but that’s it! My shirts all hang on me like I got a gut, but I DON’T HAVE A GUT!

Please help us!

You have no idea how bad it really is. Try buying 42 pants just so it doenst look like you are wearing spandex because your legs are so big. That was me last Sunday trying to find dress pants.

Just go to Sears or Penney’s and ask to be directed to their “tapered shirts.”

These will be dress shirts. They ARE more expensive than finding a good buy at Nautica or wherever, so be prepared.

Calvin Klein makes pretty well cut t-shirts. After you wash them they shrink down a bit, then I stretch them length-wise so they’re long enough without being too baggy or tight. Hope that helps.


yes, yes, yes
i find that most dress shirts are made for fat men.
anybody know where I can buy nice dress shirts that have a taper in the mid-section?


Most dry cleaners will alter shirts for less a few bucks. Just ask them to alter the sides and you get that tapered look.! Lori makes some great clothes at descent prices. Unfortunately she is closing down, hopefully only for a bit. But right now she has drastically reduced prices…note they are not listed on the site. I’ve spent over $1000 on clothes from her so far. I need to order some more shirts so don’t order all the 18/35’s :slight_smile:
Email her and tell her I sent ya!

In Faith,

Yeah but who wants to go through the mess of tailoring a T-shirt?

I buy the muscle, and slim fits from Abercrombie,and American Eagle…

My biggest problem is with suits. I can’t seem to find one that fits right. All the ones I have make me look like I have a huge waist.

Dress shirts: I buy Alfani European cut - they look great.

T’s/polos/ and other button downs: Though i hate to promote them, A & F fits well. Their clothes are cut very small and the shirts are fitted, but loose – that is, on me they’re fitted in the shoulders/chest and looser in the midsection.

I’ll second the Calvin Klein. the tee and polo shirts fit pretty well. they have a little stretch to them and are a little form fitting but at least they don’t drape around the mid section.

Sorry guys but like myself we need to have dress shirts custom tailored. I cant find many that will fit, 18.5" neck. I am getting ready to have a couple made, $75 a piece. OUCH!

You can order from some department stores too.


Thanks for the info on CK & AF I’ll try those.

I found an old thread on this subject and one poster claimed he soaked the lower portion of his shirts (just below the ribcage area) in hot water and threw them in the dryer.

has anyone tried that? does it work?
I think I’ll try that on some old shirts this weekend.

I remember how proud I was the first time I ripped the shoulder out of one of my old shirts… now I have the garbage bag problem too. Either that or I have to walk around looking like I raided the little kids section. (tight shoulders and chest, 2 inch midrift from the shirt being stretched up top)