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Topical Treatments for Hair Loss?

Hey! I am taking Sust 250 every 11 days, and HCG. I have been on TRT for about a year and a half. I am starting to notice my hair falling out on the top and certainly thinning. I know T can cause this…Has anyone had any success with topical treatments? I dont really want to play iwht the orals due to the side effects etc


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It probably won’t work. Although you could try it. Another option is to lower your dose as much as possible. I’d start at 120mg/week. Alternatively, you could run nandrolone instead of testosterone for TRT as this does not convert to DHT which is the cause of the hair loss. And finally, the reason you’re losing hair is because you’re genetically predisposed to. Meaning you’re going to lose it eventually, the testosterone is just speeding up the process, so you’ll have to learn to embrace it either way.

I know a guy that blasts high Nandrolone, low Test for this reason. Nandrolone does have it’s own side effects that are not to be taken lightly too though.

I don’t think Finasteride messes with too many guys when they are on exogenous Test. I am taking it, and I am probably still in range for DHT. I was over before it. Only like a few weeks in though, so I don’t want to speak to early on that. My hair is actually really good. I just thought doing a trial of Finasteride was worth it if I don’t get sides.

When I started losing my hair many years ago the topical treatment I used was shaving gel and a razor to finish the job. If I could take a one-time use magic pill to restore my full head of hair now I would honestly say “no thanks!”.

I used to splash on the Rogaine with dismal results. Then one evening I had limp dick and it lasted a month. I quit Rogaine and got on Test. All of those products can be an issue if you’re a low T guy. If you’re high T, then you might fair better.

I’m not sure if this is actually true. Alot of people were telling me the same thing before I started TRT so I assumed I would not lose hair because all of the men in my family on both side of my parents have all of there hair. I was only 31 when my hair started to fall out and I am not pre gentically predisposed to hair loss and it still happen to me.

Yeah man, I’ve been hearing that lately from a few other guys. It’s a difficult topic since there isn’t a lot of hard science around a lot of these things leaving the community make statements based off of old data, or worse, anecdotally. It’s possible you’re an outlier, or the hair loss gene skipped a generation or two. The data seems to show if you have the gene for hair loss, then excess DHT will accelerate it. But like you said, some degree of hair loss can be due to steroid use whether you have the gene or not.

The topicals has a lower risk for side effects, but the risk is still there. There was a member who now has skin irritation issues on the application site that is present long after stopping topical finasteride.

I used minoxodil for 3 years with little result. One day I couldnt get my dick to work, so I quit rogaine, started meditating, and found TRT. Im definitely losing my hair, but in my 40s Im ok with losing it. Just gotta focus on building a stronger and better body. Those that know,

Yes absolutely I agree with you if you have the gene it will speed up the process and like you said you agree with steroid use you are bound to lose some type of hair. So when we get people that are thinking about starting TRT I would tell them be prepaid to possibly lose some type of hair wether they have the gene or not. Honestly I would love to see people not use TRT at all unless there is a medical condition involved because it can do more damage then help. But that’s just my opinion. If I could get off of TRT I definitely would but I have no idea what the underlying cause of why all these symptoms starting happening to me

Even though you are in your 40’s you still have youth in you. A lot of guys in there 40’s that I know date girls in there 30’s so don’t give up on your hair if you don’t have too. But if you don’t mind losing it I understand that too .

Youth is not connected to my hairline. Im ok with losing my hair. Im more interested in having a thin belt line and broad shoulders. Just because hair goes, it doesnt mean the rest of you should. Im very familiar with attracting women of all ages, and I tend to attract younger than me. So its all about personality, hair helps, but women want a man that looks good, has it together, far more than a guy who has hair.

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