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Topical Spot Reducers

Some one recommended mixing md6 in bengay and applying it? Would mixing Yombine in Ben Gay or Tiger balm work? Like Yohmbine Cream? I know Charles Poliquin and Dan Duchaine recommended Yohmbine Cream, Would this work in the same manner to combat those Beta Receptors?

This question had been asked without being answered many times on the board lately. Biotest was planning on doing a topical fat reducing product, but then pulled the plug (supposedly). Hmmm, they mentioned a top secret project in the works in this weeks T-mag. That, coupled with the reluctance of the Biotest staff to answer ?'s about topical fat burners, leads my conspiracy theorist brain to believe that they may still be working on that formula. What’s the deal?
By the way, “the truth is out there”

Actually, Bill Roberts answered that question and updated everyone on the progress of a possible topical fat burner a couple of weeks ago on the forum. No conspiracy here. That’s what our shadow owner, Bill Phillips, told us to say at least. :slight_smile: