Topical Dutasteride

Hi, new here! Love reading this forum, so many amazing people with so much knowledge!

I have a question regarding topical dutasteride and managing possible side effects. I realize that the best thing is to go to a doctor and get bloods done, and I will definitely do that (in around 2 weeks).

I started taking topical dutasteride (0.25% mixed with minoxidil 5% and trichofoam). On the very first day, I noticed some pain in the chest, a slight pain, and sensitivity to the touch on my right upper side (far from the nipple that seems unaffected).

A few years ago I did finasteride for around 3 months (1.25 3 times a week) and stopped because my chest has started to puff up. Things returned to normal after stopping.

I was always a chubby kid and had a larger chest area, I guess I still keep a lot of fat stored there.

I’m aware this could be nocebo, but wanted to ask about some ways of managing possible side effects while on Dutasteride.

I had exactly 4 doses done daily at night. Since the pain first appeared I started taking 50mg Zinc (and copper), 400mg Magnesium, 900 IU Vitamin E, and 400mg of grape seed extract. Also 500 mg of aspirin.

The pain subsided a bit but still hurts a bit when pressed. I can see no visual changes, and I think I even flattened a bit after starting to take the supplements.

I also ate a lot of mushrooms and carrots xD

I’m 29 years old, 5’10, and weighing around 177 lbs, with around 20% body fat. I’m actively losing weight and lost 20 pounds already in the last 3 months. The goal is to reach 15% body fat.

Does anyone know if the supplements I’m doing are enough to keep possible estrogen side effects in check?

Thank you a lot

I’m wondering, are there any studies on topical dutasteride? I’m not convinced on it yet. Also, applying topical to the head is a PITA.

I think if you got negative sides with finasteride, I’d try topical finasteride. It seems there is some evidence that the dose can be low enough that systematic DHT reduction is lower than with oral finasteride with similar results for the hair. Maybe a third of the serum DHT reduction vs the oral.

Are you on any AAS?

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Thanks for answering. I’m not on any AAS, never used them. My build is what might be called skinny fat, I have a waist with lots of fat at 80kg (just below 94 cm waist).

I stopped applying topical dutasteride and I’m waiting to see how long until the pain stops. I have also ordered p5p to see if it’s prolactin that’s causing the issues. At this rate, I might just stop until I’m at a decent body fat level and restart then.

As for studies on topical dutasteride, there are studies in conjunction with other treatments. For example, with microneedling or taking finasteride alongside or even dutasteride mesotherapy. Tbh, not aware of studies with just topical dutasteride, but it was something my derm recommended. I guess it might be more useful because it inhibits type II 5alphareductase (unlike finasteride) enzyme, which is found in the scalp.

Dermatology is kinda a weird field in medicine. They are allowed to prescribe off label treatments (which oral dutasteride for hair is off label, but is the most effective mono treatment for hair loss, from what I’ve seen). I actually am trying out low dose oral minoxidil which is off label for hair loss, but derms Rx it. I use that with 1 mg of oral finasteride. I am hair greedy haha.

I wouldn’t be afraid to ask your derm questions about topical dutasteride. Perhaps they have some more info / case studies on it. I do remember looking into it a few years ago and thinking it was possible to be effective, but I just wasn’t sold on it not going systemic (if it works), or it just not being effective and not going systemic. I very well could be wrong on this. I did a few hours of looking into it.

Is this something you are getting from your Derm? I am not sure you can just mix the liquid from the pills in with minoxidil? Maybe you can? IDK?

You should keep this thread updated. I am curious how this goes for you! It is n=1, but with topical dutasteride that might be pretty good info, since we don’t have studies (I don’t think?). It will be a bit tough to tell how well it works considering it has minoxidil in it.

One of the huge pluses of a topical dutasteride is potentially a low frequency of application. You might get good effects with something like once a week application (or perhaps even less), due to the half life. I am not sure on this. Hopefully this is something we get studies on in the future.

Yeah, the derm prescribed it and sent it to a pharmacy to compound it. I have been using it for 4 days, applying it every night, when the pain in my right breast started. I have another appointment in a month.

Since the pain started I started taking zinc 50mg per day, half in the morning, half at night. Also, 400 IU vitamin E and grape seed extract 400 mg in the hope of lowering my estrogen levels. I’m waiting for p5p to see if it might be a problem with prolactin.

In any case, I’m not sure if I should continue when it seems I’m so sensitive to both fin and dutasteride. I’m losing weight, but still at a high body fat so maybe that’s having an effect too. I’m considering maybe going to an endocrinologist too. The problem is I live in a pretty small city, was very lucky to even find someone willing to get me on topical dut. I don’t want to imagine a reaction if I try asking for aromatase inhibitor lol

I’m wondering if I can make a substantial lowering of both estrogen and prolacting with those supplements though.

I can tell you I reacted pretty quickly. I have very advanced balding, and have been using minoxidil before getting on the min and dut mix. I could see miniscule changes already on day 4, since my scalp is almost all bald at this point.

What type of pain? Are you sure your not just more in tune with your nipples since you are thinking it is a reasonable possibility of getting gyno.

A lot of first cycle guys, go around feeling their nipples all the time haha. I think in some cases they get sore because they are playing with them so much.

I am kinda questioning if this is all worth it for you? These drugs work better at maintaining than they do at restoration. Yeah, it is typical to get some restoration, especially with oral dut and oral min, but unless you are a hyper responder, you can’t go from a norwood 4-5 to a norwood 2. Personally I am hoping for 15%-25% increase from fin and min, and being stable there (but I only lost a small percent density at most at the crown).

From what I can see you have great hair, I’m jealous haha

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When I press down I can feel like a big fat cell that hurts to the touch, on the upper part of the chest, away from the nipple. The fact is that it might even be some leftover of pubertal gyno, I’m not sure, but I always had puffy chest since puberty, but have also been a bit overweight

I don’t think it’s a nocebo though

I edited my post above questioning if you are almost bald if it is worth it for you. I don’t want to be a downer, but dramatic regrowth is uncommon.

I think almost all cases of gyno are around the nipple? Hopefully others chime in here on that.

Could it be unrelated to the dutasteride?

I feel pretty bad I started too late, and would of course love to try to get it back, but I have also accepted it. Tbh if the pain persists I don’t think I’ll continue, just focus on other things I can improve

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I think it might be leftover tissue from pubertal gyno that’s reacting to hormonal changes

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I don’t think it is unmanly or anything to care about hair. It is also fine to not care. But if you care, you could look into a transplant. It is getting more affordable it seems. There are some out of country (I am assuming you are from the US?), that end up affordable even if you account for a flight and hotel.

You would want to be at least on a little bit of finasteride if you get that done. Most people can find a dose that works for them (but not all).

Another thing you could ask your derm about is oral minoxidil. It is pretty effective compared to the topical. Of course there are risks, but not sexual ones. It is a blood pressure med, but dosing for hair loss is under even the starting dose for blood pressure. IIRC, in a one year study 5 mg of oral min out performed 1 mg of finasteride daily. TBH, 5 mg is more than I’d be comfortable taking (it is the starting dose for smaller patients, men generally start around 10 mg IIRC, but this is something you take for life, so I want to be safe). My dose is 2.5 mg once a day. I might go down to 1.25 mg/day after I run out of my 4 month supply.

If you feel comfortable, post a picture of your scalp. It might be enough to tell you what is realistic, and if you would need a hair transplant for good results.

Definitely something to look into. Also not from the US, from Croatia but it’s close to Turkey haha As for oral minoxidl, also something to look into.

Thanks a lot for your advice! For starters I will stop with dut until the pain stops, and then change the frequency and dose, maybe every other night and a bit less of the foam squeezed. I’ll keep this thread updated

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If you can drive to Turkey, it might be pretty affordable. It is less money to fly to Turkey stay in a hotel and have the procedure done there than it is to have it done locally in the US.

Shop around though. I’ve heard there are good and bad places in Turkey to get this done.

In theory, you should be able to get away with much less than every day with dutasteride. The oral version has a half life of like 30 days.

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Oh, I would definitely benefit from a transplant lol Here’s my current state of hair Imgur: The magic of the Internet

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Also, front is non existent too

I agree with you. You could potentially get pretty good regrowth from dutasteride and minixodil, or fin and min, but unless you respond very well, it isn’t going to look how I expect you want it to look.

If you get a transplant you will want to be on some sort of hair loss meds. You have some experimenting to do I think. I do think most guys can find a regimen that stabilizes their hair loss, which if you get the transplant is enough. Look more into the oral min. I think that might be something to consider for you. It has a much higher response rate, and works better overall than topical.

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Will do, thank you! Will keep this thread updated

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