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Topical Dutasteride Saved My Hair

Hey Guys,

For those who struggle with hair loss and want to avoid side effects of oral 5AR blockers I recommend you try Topical Dutasteride. I have been on it for a year now side effect free and it completely stopped my hair loss and even regrew my crown modestly.

I had horrible sides on oral finasteride (gyno, brain fog, ED, anxiety) and topical finasteride as well as oral finasteride for many years so this has been a godsend to me. This is probably due to the molecular weight preventing the drug from going systemic thus avoiding the “first pass” through the liver blocking the formation of metabolites which linger and create systemic build up. This is purely theoretical but it’s the first drug for many of us that has not given us sides and helped massively hair wise.

I use it once a week in average but sometimes increase the dose to every other day. However, most people are on it once a week at 0.5% or 0.1%.

Some pictures attached of my crown. Before treatment and after a few months wet and one with dry hair. I have not used any oral medications.

I hope this helps


Anyone know if this can be bought in the UK. Google wasnt much help
My hair is thining, need to stop it

You can buy it here: https://fueclinic.com/services/treatments/topical-dutasteride/ or from Parati Pharmacy

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