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Topical Cream for Gyno?

I was in the supplement store near me the other day for melatonin because I’ve had some trouble sleeping while its exam time.Since I’m near Toronto melatonin is illegal but they keep it under the counter.Anyways I there is this unmarked cream for $39.99 so I asked the chick who is also the owner what its for. She tells me its progesterone cream thats a anti-estrogen and it helps break up the fatty tissue of gyno.In my head im thinking suuuuure!
I’ve never heard of this before and if it was so simple to make why haven’t one of the supplememt heavyweights like Biotest or someone made it already.Anybody care to comment?

Real gyno requires surgery. Gyno is much more than fat tits.

There is a company making such a product. The product is called Yohimburn. Supposedly when applied on the skin it is absorbed and bind to estrogenic fat stores making them release fat molecules. There has been some great and some horrendous reports on that product so far. So the jury is still out.

Real gyno with a hard solid lump behind the nipple does require surgery. A topical may help with “puffy” nips. Yohimburn seems to be a joke though when compared to another product for topical fat loss that has proven to be quality:lipoderm-y. You might want to try bromo or “M” if its just puffiness related to increased prolactin…hope that helps…Mike