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I just started watching this during the weekend and really got in to it. There was like a marathon going on. I didn’t get to see the end of the season guess I’ll have to go buy it. Anyone else enjoy this series?

My wife and I went through 5 seasons in about 3 weeks.

That thing is like crack in DVD format.

Season 2 was my personal favorite.

Im a 24 addict as well. The new season starts in January and im looking very forward to it.
See Ya

I’ve been counting the days to january for months now…the only show on television worth watching (except old late night espn re-runs of world’s strongest man)

i’ma huuuuuge faan the show. season 3 would have been my favourite if it wasn’t so inconsistent and melodrmatic at points. so my favourite would be season 5 partly because the show managed to live up to the hype once more. so now i’m looking forward to season 6. so what is the terrorist threat going to be this time around.

My whole family loves it! I can’t wait to see how he deals with his long ride to China…


best show on tv. hands down. jack bauer is the man.