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I deadlifted 405 today. Im just excited so I had to post.


Congrats! 4 plates is quite the feel-good accomplishment!
I nearly ran around my gym whooping when I did it!


Hells yeah, that's good stuff. Keep on truckin and you'll have 5 wheels in no time.


Much deserved excitment on your part brother.


Nice pull


That's awesome! What do you weigh?


Nice work!


Congrats to your bad self!


Congrats dude, keep up the good work.


That is a great feeling. Now all your other numbers are gonna come up with it.


Congrats man, I'm close to you and looking forward to my 405 (Currently at 385 for a double)


Yo I just got home....

I needed to pass this on from someone...


Stats- 19 years old, height is 6'2", weight is 217. The incredible thing is that although ive been lifting for almost 2 years, ive only been deadlifting for 4 weeks. Strength is coming extremely quickly considering I could barely pull 300 when i started 4 weeks ago.


Thats awesome man, i managed that feat just a few weeks ago and i was so excited about it. Just last week i attempted it again and got it! It was much easier the second time LOL! Onto 500 now :slight_smile:


I did 200kg today for the first time (440 pounds). I'm stoked too! My head felt like it was going to explode though.


Congrats! You're 19? Lots more plates on that bar ahead of you too :slight_smile:

Best of luck,



I'm at my school's library and almost fell on the floor laughin at that shit.


congrats mate...im a long way off that...but the other week i got out 10 sets of 4 reps for 295 (i think i even put in a few sets for 5 just to be a prick), my head was spinning afterwards and sometimes during...

keep it up


That's a good weight...for a small woman. Just kidding, good job and keep it up!