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I finally did it! I broke the 350lb barrier on my bench!

It's ironic; my PR arose out of lazyness. I attempted 350 last week and made a crappy lift; and this week I was too lazy to go through the hassle of putting a 10, 5, and 2.5 on the bar. Instead I just said fuck it, loaded my 3 45's on each side, and put 2 10's on and voila: 355lbs!

Easy as a money shot.
On a side note I did find a good use for a Lat pull-down machine (since I generally prefer chins or pull-ups except for high-rep exercises that mandate it); it's a good back roller when your back says OUCHIE! after 25 rep squats on Quattro Dynamo


Nice numbers bro...I just made a personal best as well. Although it (wasn't as much as you)


After those squats on QD I dropped to the floor, let the spasms shake out of my legs and yelled "F-You Chad Waterbury!".

I yelled with the utmost respect, though. :slight_smile:

Great job on the bench!



nice bench man, I hope to hit 300 someday. I hit 255 today and was shocked, my best before was 225 but I hadn't maxxed out in a while.


I yelled "F-YOU DON ALESSI" when I was done the first time b/c it was reminiscent of meltdown training (for veteran forumites). Then I remembered Chad wrote the program...

Do active recovery on the active recovery day! When you're done with the last set of leg curls get on the bike for 5-10 min at LOW intensity to clear the lactate out of your system faster.

here are some of my numbers for day 1 though (5x3)

Bench 24" grip: 285
Squats: 345
I forget the rest :slightly_smiling:


congrats man, i hope to get there myself eventually


Waterbury will get you there....I've gained a lot of weight and I'm up from 188 at the end of the V-Diet 7 weeks ago to 215 now....

6-10lbs of water weight..maybe even more food weight.

More mass all over...
Definetly some more mass on the stomach. I went from about a 33 waist around my umbilicus (32's were loose on me) to about a 35.5 around my umbilicus now (34 still fights but a bit more snug).

Arms are JUST shy of 17".
I'm also on my third week of 1-ad
I did the Waterbury Method for four weeks too. That's my FAVORITE program.

The good news is that when I did the V-Diet the first time my waist at 216 (my current weight) was 40.5"!!!!
So I'm 5" smaller around my waist at the same weight!


Congrats on the bench!


way to go PP! you are walking the walk! proud proud proud


Thanks everyone! I'm going to try my first ever 4-plate squat soon too!


ah, Foopa must be so proud.


I think PP just became the strongest leaf-eater on planet earth.




Your bench is more than my deadlift. Nice job! :wink:


Great job, PP!

You're a vegetarian, right? I have a lot of respect for you, sticking by what you believe in and still making great gains in the gym.

Where are you getting most of your protein? From Grow!, right? Just trying to recall some of your diet post.


i'm guessing you mistyped the weight difference?


I thought I had edited that...well I fixed it again. I started it at 188.


Some Grow!. I don't use it too often b/c of the price. I've been using at night lately instead of cottage cheese. Take your pick for the same price..Grow! or Cottage Cheese. I'll take the Grow! anyday since I don't like cottage cheese for some reason.
I've generally used Costco's protein but I'm tending more towards Grow! now since Biotest just sent me a TON of it..
Biotest is amazing. Tim Patterson said he wanted to send me some Grow! and Spike. Three days later my doorbell rings and there are two huge boxes at my door-step containing 12 jugs of Grow, a bottle of Spike, and the Metablolic Drive bars.

I HIGHLY reccomend for EVERYONE to try the new Metabolic Drive bars. They're BETTER than candy bars.
Even my room-mate who only classifies Grow! and Grow! Bars as "OK" and was rather sceptical of my claims about the new bar was pretty impressed and compared them to candy bars.

I've used Surge before mainly during the V-Diet and once during the summer after I won a Beat Our caption contest (go figure).

I don't feel a difference in recovery between it and my Whey isolate/dextrose concoction..but it's a lot easier to make and if you ever take a biochemistry class the RESEARCH is extremely solid for that product. It's probably one of the most reseach-supported Biotest makes. Hence it's now a staple for me. For a description of why it's so great see my "Why we Need Carbs" thread or PM me.

As far as Grow!...
I've tried every flavor except for Strawberry so far.
Chocolate is of course amazing...I like Banana a lot too. Vanilla is pretty good; just a tad bland and not as rich as the chocolate. It's great for mixing in stuff. The orange Creme has the same Grow! texture and is a lot better than other powders..but Protein and orange just don't go the best together. It's better than other orange stuff I've tried but not as good as chocolate or banana or vanilla.


WTF are Metabolic Drive Bars?


good job man keep pushing