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Anyone want to proffer some predictions on candidates? It will be the first election in 50 years that will feature neither an incumbent or a sitting VP…

Will the Dems be gluttons for electoral punishment and run Hillary?

During the concession Edwards certainly looked like a person who was planning to run in '08.

For the Republicans, Jeb says he’s not interested – Giuliani, McCain, and Pataki all look like they’re itching to step up.

Thoughts or predictions?

My dream match-up would be Cankles Clinton vs. Dan Quayle.

Yeah - I said Quayle. I love that guy.

If McCain or Giuliani (or even Arnold depending on the law) I’ll be voting Republican next time unless the Democrats can get their act together.

P.S. am I the only one who is going to abide by the rules of the challange.

Republican primary: John McCain, Rudy Guiliani, Condoleeza Rice, Bill Frist,…

Democratic primary: Bill Richardson, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Jesse Jackson Jr., and at least one Sharpton-esque figure…

I think our next president will be John McCain, if he can get past the primary with his centrist approach.


I predict that Giuliani will replace Ashcroft as A.G.

kevin (I think?):

I think there’s a high likelihood one of those guys could get the nomination in '08.

If I had to guess, based on those guys, I’d guess McCain just because Giuliani and Pataki would likely split the vote in the Northeast primaries.

As for Arnold, I would support the change, but I don’t think it’s going to happen – always possible though.

The only other likely option, as I see it, would be another really strong Governor – maybe from a swing state? I’ve seen some people tout the governor of Colorado, although I don’t think he’s expressed any interest as of yet.

Does anyone think Cheney will step down after Iraq calms down a bit?

cheney might fall down before he steps down.

I would be interested to see who his successor would be.

He hasn’t expressed interest, as yet, but a strong republican ticket:

Collin Powell Pres.
Condi. Rice Vice.

This works two fold. You put not one, but Two minorities in the White House and you have a woman in the White House as well. YEEEAAAAAHHHHH!


I think there could be a Vice President running for President in 2008. I believe that Cheney will step down at some point prior to the end of President Bush’s second term.

The replacement will be (drum roll please)…John McCain!

(Hey… as long as we are speculating)


Quite possible, but I don’t think it’s very likely. Of course, that analysis is dependent on Cheney’s heart condition…

Still, Bush won’t force him out, and now that he’s no longer up for re-election, he doesn’t need much. Still, he will need help in the Senate, particularly w/r/t court nominations, so there may be some horse trading going on there, and a McCain VP appointment wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility.

On McCain as VP,

I was surprised to see McCain even supporting Bush at the convention. He has every reason not to, considering what happened between the two of them four years ago with campaign finance and during the primaries.

McCain has said he has no interest in the vice presidency. But I would be overjoyed to have him run for president in 2008.

I think Mit Romney (sp) from Mass. might make a run at it in '08.

Santorum, while pretty far right, has eyes for the White House as well.

I don’t think Powell will actually run, and Condi wants to run the NFL - not the USA.

McCain sets himself up as VP to a very popular President Bush (could happen). He then selects Fla Gov. Jeb Bush to be on the ticket as his VP in 2008. Tit for tat…and it keeps the pattern of either a Bush or Dole on the ticket since 1976 alive!

Of course McCain could pick a woman running mate: Liz Dole!

As a democrat, a stout (not to be confused with far left) one at that, I would have no qualms voting for John McCain.
I would vote for him over Edwards or Hillary. BTW, Hillary would be party suicide. . .wont happen. (plus if you listened to her at the Dem nomination, she was nowhere near as dynamic a speaker as her husband).
I just wished McCain would have taken the South Carolina attacks in 2000 to heart much more and campaigned against Bush in 2004. I think he could have made quite a difference here in Florida (he spoke to quite a warm reception at graduation at UF last May), and in the red states out west.

I think by McCain swallowing his differences with Bush and campaigning for him, he has pretty much won the nomination already.
Unless a Dem hero evolves in the next four years, I also think it wont matter who the Dems run against him. My personal opinion.

Edwards/Clinton 2008


Don’t believe the “I have no interest” line by either Jeb or Hillary - 2008 will be Bush vs Clinton again.

Can’t win situation:

Clinton v. Santorum/Frist.

Can’t lose situation:

Bayh v. McCain.

I wouldn’t think of myself as a republican but if Mcain can make it past the primary, the Dems would have to have one hell of a canidate to get my vote. love that guy reminds me of my grandpa tuff old sum’ bitch