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So I finally graduated college and I have decided to lose all the fat I gained there. I have worked out before, but lost interest because I had no goals. I decided to have my body fat tested in the “Bod Pod” that we have locally. I was 35.7% Fat! I generally consider myself to be “small boned”, so at 190lbs, I think I am really fat.

I have been on a diet / excercise plan for 2 weeks now and have had some decent results. I have went from 199lbs down to 189lbs in 2 weeks, but I doubt these results will continue without a religious-like devotion. I am willing to do it though.

Here has been my typical workout (brief overview):
Monday: Back and Tri’s + 30min. Cardio
Tuesday: Shoulders + Bi’s + 30min. Cardio
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Legs + 30min. Cardio
Friday: Random Upper Body + 30min. Cardio
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: Nothing

7:30am - Slim Fast Shake (easy to drink on commute to work)
10:00 - Trail Mix or Yogurt
12:00 - Random Sandwich place like Subway, usually Turkey Sandwich
3:00 - Meal Bar (15-20g Protein Bar)
5:30 - Workout
6:45 - Dinner at Subway or somewhere similar
9:00 - Yogurt + some fruit
11:30pm - Multi-Vitamin + Sleepy Time

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Help me out. I know this workout / diet sucks, but it seems to be working… sort of.

I basically need to know what to do to lose the fat. I also need to know what a good goal set would be for body fat. When should I go have my body fat tested again?

Thanks so much for any help!

Dude are you serious about that diet?Slim fast is such low quality crap as well as the subway and lunch meat in general…Look up the T-Dawg 2.0 or dont diet plans…

I’d answer this but this has Tampa Terry written all over it. You’ll get all the help (and then some) you need shortly.

Don’t you train chest?


To be honest the first thing you need to do to get any well recieved response for the most part from this site is do some reading/investigation into your diet and training on your own. Then come back with a little knowledge with some specific ?'s.

To point you in a good direction to start. Read John Berardi’s article that just happened to be published in this weeks online mag, “7 Habits of Highly Effective Nutritional Programs,” also do a search on the mag and read “The New diet Manifesto.”

As far as training. Their are to many to list. Do some self education on the programs and pick one. Preferably a strength based program that has you lifting heavy. This will allow you to hold on to the muscle mass/strength you already have while on a hypocaloric diet.

Stick to the basic compound lifts, they will give you the most bang for the buck.

Wih you being at 37+% bodyfat. If you simply get your diet on track and train hard you should be able to get some dramatic results.

So now go read up, pick a diet that fits you and a training program that interest you and come back with some specifics and we will be glad to help.


By the way I would suggest dropping the Subway diet and slim fast shake ASAP.

Oh and the “Frequently Asked ?'s” link on the front page would be of great help also in your diet and training search.

Congratulations: “Jared”, In the four and a half years I’ve been viewing this board, your diet wins the award for “The Worst Posted!!!”

P.S. Slim Fast has 10 grams of “cheap” soy protein, about 5 grams of “bad” fats, and 42 grams of hi-fructose corn syrup - Not Good!



[quote}I’d answer this but this has Tampa Terry written all over it. You’ll get all the help (and then some) you need shortly.[/quote]

I was thinking the same thing.

As Thunder has stated most likely in a few you will be blessed with more worthwhile info than one confused subway/slim fast consuming newbie can handle.


Not only will Tampa Terry help you, whe will grin while doing it! :slight_smile:

Hey, there, Ed. Welcome to the forum!!!

I’ll make it easy on you. The fact that you’re here and know your diet needs help is a huge step in the right direction. Start by clicking on “This Week’s Issue” to the left of your screen. John Berardi has written an article on the seven most important things you need to do to get your diet in order.

Dave is right about SlimFast being a poor quality protein source. If you need something fast, go ahead and purchase some high-quality protein. Low Carb Grow tastes great and is a better quality than a lot of the stuff out there.

After reading John Berardi’s article, take advantage of the search engine to the left of the screen. The drop down box allows you to search the forum or the archived articles. You should be searching for things like diet, protein requirements, nutrition, workout program, T-Dawg 2.0 (my favorite diet), etc.

Continue to read the forum. There are a lot of people who were in your shoes at one time. Lots of people here working on building the body of their dreams. In some cases they’re trying to bulk. In other cases they’re trying to drop body fat.

Thanks, Thunder. I hope it’s a case of my reputation preceding me, rather than exceeding me. (grin)

I’m sorry ed but, all i can do is laugh. Tampa-T offered awsome advice as usual so take her word. Other than that, happy lifting and dieting.

Terry you’re like the newbie director/welcomer to the site. They should pay you.

Newbie Director/Welcomer?!?!

LOL! Nahhhh, bobopunxs! I’m just more long winded than most.

Phill, I just can’t keep up with you today!!! I see a message and I go, “Hey, I can answer that one!” and you’ve already been there. (chuckling)

edro13, we’re looking forward to your reading, learning and participating on the board. Combine that with your drive and ambition, and we’ll help you get to wherever you want to go. Lots of great (and really smart) people here.

Zeb, after I read your post, I had to go count the “(grin)s” in my message. Only one. Hope I’m not slipping. LOL!


How about checking out my thread “should I change my diet - a bit long”

I have asked all the same questions and it’ll save Tampa-Terry from going over the same ground.

Once you have read every post and understood all the articles mentioned ask some questions.

I am actually thinking of putting together a list of must read articles that tie the massive amount of info on fat loss together…

Monday: Back and Tri’s + 30min. Cardio
Tuesday: Shoulders + Bi’s + 30min. Cardio
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Legs + 30min. Cardio
Friday: Random Upper Body + 30min. Cardio
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: Nothing

Diet is more important for losing weight. However… when do you work CHEST? Just wondering. How about something like… well I don’t know, find a good workout program.

Ok ok everyone… Maybe this will help:

That is the workout I have been doing for 2 weeks.

As for the diet… What can I exchange SlimFast for? I need something fast and easy that I can eat on the way to work or right after I get to work.

THanks for all your comments!

Well if you use somthing like the T-Dawg diet and eat P+F and very few in your case P+C meals, you should just get yourself a shaker bottle,some good low carb protein powder,and drink that along with some nuts(raw almonds work well) or eat the nuts along with some beef jerkey…seriously ditch that slimfast

one more recomendation will be to get a digital scale and start keeping a food log…fitday.com is a free food log that you track right online.

Take a look @ Boitest Low Carb Grow. Get some of it and a couple shakers and u got a ready to go snack of superior quality and taste. (how about that plug) (brownie points, maybe they will pick me on the next contest)


To your benefit, you are eating 6 times a day.

But that’s about all I can say.

The first thing to concentrate on would be bumping your protein intake up considerably. Shoot for at least 1.5 g/pound of lean body mass per day. Go for 200 g of protein per day. Log one day worth of your protein and you’ll practically cry at how little you are actually getting. I would estimate maybe… 50-75 g total. 100 at the most.

I wouldn’t even worry about doing the T-dawg 2.0 right away. Read the 7 habits, get those straight (the “eighth habit” is your 200g of protein per day), start a smart training protocol including some good intervals/cardio, and you’ll get halfway there. As you get better and better at the seven habits, you’ll be ready for the next step of T-Dawg 2.0. My guess is that getting there is going to take 6 weeks or so. As you’re working on the 7 + 1 habits, you can continue to read and ask questions.

But that’s just my opinon. Please note that this plan is not the fastest possible way to lose fat, but it is something that you can do, now, without knowing too much more than you already do. Once you’ve got a hold on those habits, then you can get into more of the advanced stuff.

Dan “Trying not to Fry His Tiny Little Mind” McVicker


I find you rather attractive when you grin. :wink:

Swap the slim fast for some GROW. They’ve got a great deal at the Biotest Superstore. Buy 2 Get 2 Free.

I am a fan of Classic Grow myself.

edro13, you lucky devil, you! What a great turnout by some of the most newbie-supportive vets on the board!!! (grin) <-- That one’s for you, ZEB.

To recap:

  • Read “7 Habits” by John Berardi.
  • Read, read, read everything in sight
  • Ditch the SlimFast and start using LC Grow.
  • Up your protein intake
  • Read the thread entitled, “Should I change my diet? a bit long,” started by TheBow to get an idea of what is possible
  • Start researching workout programs. The ones on T-mag are particularly well designed.

More importantly enjoy the process. Manipulating body composition is a journey with a destination (perfection) that very few of us ever reach.