Sorry that’s just how I feel right now. After losing 30 lbs of fat and coming from 22% to 12% BF, I be begun bulking. Been 3 weeks on massive eating. Feels good but I am starting to see fat come back ARGHHHHH. I know it’s inevitable but it’s really tough psychologically to have dieted for 6 months so strictly to make all that progress just to see myself kind of go backwards again. I almost want to diet again but need to bulk! adsfja;skfj


Needed to vent.


I would stop what you are doing if it is bothering you. Gain muscle gradually, without the fat. What’s the rush?

You didn’t just jump right in to massive eating after you finished cutting, did you? Or didja take a couple of weeks to maintain?

Figured i would bump this…

Steihl, i feel your pain bro, i am a lean guy and about to start bulking and i am worried that i am gonna be one of those guys that starts losing sight of my abs and start cutting…i just keep repeating to myself that i want to be bigger,want to be bigger,want to be bigger…no point in being a ripped bone right? i can do this…

You guys, you do need to realize that with many people the bloat effect during initial bulking will always make you look fatter than you are.

I immediately smoothed over what little tiny teeny bit of abs I could see, even though my BF pinches didnt change but 1 mm.

Just accept it if it happens, and keep bulking.

Some of us just arent gifted with the “always abs” syndrome.

I may be in the minority but I do not believe that a bulking cycle should have more than 500 calories above your daily maintenance level to avoid picking up too much fat. That should yield a gain of about one pound per week of which most can be LBM assuming an adequate workout. If you are taking any androgens, then you may get away with another another 500 calories per day but that, in my opinion, is pushing the envelope.

To Ryno: I ate maintenance calories for about 2 weeks before beginning massive eating. I saw my bodyweight become steady and then I embarked on bulking.

I think Antiliberal is right, it is just from initial water gain and bloating as a result of upping my carbs and increasing my overall caloric intake. I just “feel” fatter but I don’t think my bodyfat percentage really has changed that much. I can still see my abs.

Just that the other day (when I posted this) it was one of those days where I felt especially bad and after 6 months of dieting you kind of get in the mindset of not getting fat and that getting fat is worse than death. It’s taking time to get used to it but gradually I am accepting the fact that I need to bulk now.

I am also a lot more relaxed with cheat meals. I am following Massive Eating but honestly I see no reason to follow it as insanely strict as I was when doing T-Dawg 2.0. I think using Massive Eating as a general guideline is good enough. I lost the fat once, I can do it again. And next time it’ll be even easier cuz I’ll have the experience from the past as well as more LBM which will make dropping off fat easier with my newfound metabolism.

I’m just impatient…

I agree 100% with Avoids Roids. I never bulk, I do lean gain phases and hardening phases. I always have my abs and i still put on lean tissue year after year.

There is no need to bulk, you can only safely gain about 1lb per week anymore will undoubtedly be fat. Just cuz the scale is moving up doesnt mean you are making progress, unless you just want farmboy arms. Then by all means eat anything and everything.

Id start with 300-500 over maintenance when gains stop add another 250 and so on and so forth. You wont be bloated and you wont gain all the unwanted fat back. Ive found that normally once Im about 1000 cals over my last maintenance point most gains after that are water and fat. SO at that point i hold for another week and then decrease cals again.


i love bulking. i pasionately love bulking. getting stronger evry workout. getting pumps that feel like your muscles are going to pop…fuck abs, im not going to the beach for months anyway…
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