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I hate American Idol! 24 isn’t going to be on for 3 weeks because of that dumb show! Any other T-People out there slightly annoyed? The last episode(of 24) was so awsome!!!

It’s enetrtaining to see the judges rip into the bad singers. But later in the season, it gets excruciatingly bad. Nothing but “show tunes” and ballads and crap like that. The episodes I caught at the end of last season were painful to watch. ICK!!!

Chris R…I freakin am addicted to 24! I have been a loyal watcher since the very first episode. And last week I was soooo pissed when they said, “In 3 weeks…next on 24”. I was like, “what the hell???” Which season do you think is better? I am thinkin I like this season better than last, which says alot for the show, cause last season was unreal. Anyways, this season is non-stop action. I can’t stand Palmer’s wife (she is a back stabbing bitch) and I couldnt believe when that one daughter shot Raza (sp??). Anyways, cant wait for rest of the episodes to start!

The show is unreal! Im addicted. I never saw the first season but I want to buy it on DVD and see how it is. This second season is great. This show has to be considered one of the greatest shows ever made. Real plots and characters. The only show (besides history channel) where I it gets my heart pumped and forces me to stop doing what ever im doing to make sure I see everything. I can’t believe the daughter shot her own fiance. Is she in the gig also? I saw the clip of the next episode the president arrests a member of his cabinet and orders the general to do what ever it takes to make him talk. Then you see them bringing out a medical shocker device (what ever its called). Damn thats sooo good I have to see what happens.

I think that this season is better than the last. Jack Bauer is such a badass! I love it when he slices through red tape with a machete. The president’s wife is a backstabber and I bet she’ll get her comeupins one of these episodes…

Fuck American Idol.

Like, seriously. That stupid wannabe pop star bullshit is about as manly as the Lifetime channel.

Yay corporate whore pop culture!

24 is the best show in the history of television.