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So apparently Amanda Bynes is schizo. And locked in a ward. I'm not sure why, but I find this incredibly amusing (I am of course going to hell already). http://www.cinemablend.com/pop/Doctors-Reportedly-Think-Amanda-Bynes-Has-Schizophrenic-Tendencies-57809.html

Oh and for people who were hoping for something different, here's something topically related:


I heard of this as well. I thought it was funny when she said Drake can murder her Vagina. The best part is she's going to use this to promote herself just like Sheen did.


I also nominate this as a song that begins with the letter 5.

I hope Amanda Bynes gets a hug and a nice rollercoaster trip or something. I'm not sure why she's so far off the rails now after such a long period of time, Joss Stone nearly got murdered after not doing or being anything publicly since the early 2000's and she's still having a dandy old time. Used to have a thing for Amanda Bynes in the Amanda show days, I guess those childhood memories are ruined now.


Some one probably laced her ganjah a couple times.


The funny thing is, Drake probably did just that... he just didn't admit to it.

Face it, free offer, she isn't bad looking, and he gets no repercussions, only a benefit to say he tapped a psycho chick.


I think most men would lol
She has that sexy mime look going on with those cheek piercings.


With Schizophrenia or a psychotic break there is no sense of self awareness, once she is stabilized I am pretty sure she will be back to her normal self. Kind of sad that society can be kind of cruel to a person that is just under the spell of psychosis.

She actually started a fire in thousand oaks where I live before getting incarcerated from what I hear. Hope she pulls through it soon.


It is I, shock Jesus.


Not sure i could commit the act without laughing.


Yes you could.


Magazine covers dont count, they are fictional paintings done by airbrush artists.


Well Lindsay Lohan was hot too but im not sure I'd fuck her now.