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In honour of my 2112st post, I feel the need to post an epic song from my favourite band of all time, Rush.

That is all.

(Even if you can't stand Rush, fast forward to around 7:00 of the second video. If you can't appreciate the awesomeness that follows you're probably have oozing sores and very few friends)


Well done. Rush is badass.

This video is how I was exposed to Rush, same album:


Big Rush fan here - spent most of 82 listening to Moving Pictures and Hemispheres over and over again. :stuck_out_tongue: Good shout!


Xanadu FTW

Athough I must admit Geddy Lee's voice always cracks me up.


Prepare for the haterz.

Iron Dwarf loves Rush.


Yea what's that about? Admitting you like Rush is like admitting you play Dungeons & Dragons or LARP or something =P


I like "Roll the Bones"...may be the only person that does.

Pimpbot 5000...are you Canadian?


DJS approves of this thread.


The second time I saw Rush all my buddies and I dropped two hits of acid each and timed our "peak" for Rush. FM was the back-up band, awesome band BTW. Nash the Slash with a fucking laser beam violin FTW!

Anyway just as we all were tripping out Rush opened with 2112 (which we correctly anticipated) huge flashpots go off with the intro. My one friend went completetly green and had to leave the show lol. He was fine untill those flashpots went off poor fucker. None of us helped him out. It's fucking Rush dude haha, see you in the car after the show, here's the car keys.

Nards, Roll the Bones is awfull, just plain awfull. Jump the shark moment for me as a Rush fan.


I love you all.

Roll The Bones was a damn good album, imo.

I cannot listen to Tom Sawyer anymore, though. I just can't.


Fuck Rush. Bring it.



Totally not a fan, but won't knock it for the RushLuvers in TK.

Once we finally get around to invading Canada, we'll probably consider Geddy Lee for a cabinet post.

We're cool like that.



Ok, maybe just one more time.....

I forgot about this FG episode. Hilarious.


I am indeed!

Roll the Bones...well "Leave that Thing Alone" is a solid track. Not so much the rest.

Although I nominate "Hold Your Fire" as the worst Rush album ever. Even Geddy acknowledges that it was pretty bad


"Leave that Thing Alone" is on Counterparts, my least favorite Rush album.


Oops, meant "Where's my Thing?"


Yes! You had me confused, Pimp.


Here is what I consider one of the most underrated songs from THE most underrated album in the Rush canon...The Necromancer, from Caress of Steel.

This is probably the heaviest song they've ever recorded. Shrieking guitars and a big, mean bassline. They absolutely tear it up starting at about 1:38 of the second clip